Why did Kairi Sane leave the WWE?

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Why did Kairi Sane leave the WWE?

Kairi Sane has always been a very popular athlete with all WWE fans, both for her qualities in the ring and for the genuineness that shone on her face whenever she took part in a show or event of the federation. According to many insiders and many aficionados, her career has given her far less than she actually deserved.

In her past as a WWE athlete, the Japanese won the Mae Young Classic Tournament in 2017, the NXT Women's Championship and finally the Tag Team Women's Championships with her ally of the time Asuka, with whom she formed the Kabuki Warriors.

The girl decided to leave Vince McMahon's federation to spend a happy marriage in her hometown, ending her journey among the greats of wrestling. The WWE had also thought of a farewell segment for her, and then canceled this idea over time, forcing the wrestler to leave without particular recognition.

Where is Kairi Sane now?

Kairi Sane currently has a role as WWE ambassador to Japan, also coaching many girls who would like to play in the American Stamford-based federation rings in the future. Kairi, however, has also recently contacted Vince McMahon and associates to ask for the possibility of fighting for Stardom, the Japanese women's wrestling federation, but the two sides have not come to terms, with the categorical refusal arrived from the United States.

In recent months, many rumors have also circulated about Sane's return to the McMahon court, a return that at the moment seems highly unlikely, although it can really arouse a lot of curiosity to many fans around the world, which would really be said.

happy to appreciate again the matches played by the one who, in 2016, was included in the best three wrestlers in the world by Dave Meltzer. And would you like Sane to return to WWE? Let us know with a comment. The reason behind Kairi's sudden departure from WWE was her ambition to have a happy married life with her husband.

The couple got married in February 2020. The rumors of Sane's exit from the company first came out in the summer of 2020. It didn't take long for those reports to come true. At that time, The Kabuki Warriors were feuding with the 'Golden Role Models', Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Initially, WWE planned a 'retirement angle' for Kairi Sane. However, the idea later got shelved by the RAW creative team. Although Sane's return looks highly unlikely at this point, the Pirate Princess coming back for another voyage could be an exciting prospect down the line WWE.