What is the future of WWE live events?

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What is the future of WWE live events?

For about a year now, WWE and all the various major world companies in the pro-wrestling discipline have not staged a live event full of cheering fans in the arenas, due to the problems arising from the global pandemic from covid, which led to a total cancellation of what was the thriving live event market up to exactly one year ago.

The WWE in all this time has in fact had to do without all the proceeds of the tickets sold for the television tapings, the PPV, but also the various live events that it held around the world. During almost all of 2020, this collection has been lacking and with it also several other revenues related to live shows, such as the merchandising sold on-site or the autograph signing sessions that were paid by fans with VIP tickets.

Update on WWE live events

In his latest interview with the microphones of "It's Our House Podcast", the former general manager of Monday Night Raw, as well as the very famous face of the pro-wrestling world, recently also seen on the AEW rings, Eric Bischoff, wanted to do the point on the live event situation, saying: "Here in the United States, each individual state has its own laws and recommendations on this subject.

So for example in Florida - which is quite open, currently, there are events taking place in Florida. You will see more and more things going on in Florida because the state has an approach that I call more 'progressive' to it because the results from the beginning of the pandemic and for all the following 12 months show.

Based on the strategy that Florida has implemented, we can see how things can still be done very well, despite the other states being much more closed, having shut down pretty much everything, silencing everything. Now, knowing all the contrasts that exist in all states, we will have, you know, people willing to do it and people who are not.

But I think it will take at least another two or three years for live events to return to where we left off because a percentage of people will always feel uncomfortable during this time. Yes, I think it will take at least three years."

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is well aware of how to handle a crowd should they be displeased with something during a WWE show. While speaking to Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda, The Bushwhackers talked about how Vince McMahon dealt with fans in attendance who were displeased.

If huge babyfaces such as Hulk Hogan ever lost, Vince McMahon would ensure that fans go home happy by any means. McMahon would have The Bushwhackers come out last during a show in the territory so that fans would be happy.