Chris Jericho says WWE tried to "change everything" in the Festival of Friendship

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Chris Jericho says WWE tried to "change everything" in the Festival of Friendship

One of the most loved and at the same time hated segments by WWE Universe fans in recent years, was the so-called "Festival of Friendship", with which Chris Jericho wanted to celebrate the union with Kevin Owens, who arrived a few months earlier on Monday Night Raw, in 2017, while Kevin Owens ended up attacking his now-former friend, betraying him in front of everyone.

In Chris Jericho's last stint in WWE, this is practically one of the high points of his work with the McMahons and then Universal Champion Kevin Owens, with a feud that has started since that time, which has kept fans hooked.

of WWE for another several weeks, until Chris Jericho's definitive exit from WWE, then landed on the rings of the newborn AEW.

Chris Jericho would go on to face Kevin Owens at WrestleMania

In his last interview granted to Digital Spy, the very first world champion of All Elite Wrestling, as well as multiple world champion also of the McMahon rings, Chris Jericho, wanted to tell how much he had to fight with the creative team of the Stamford company, in order not to touch the segment of the Festival of Friendship as he had conceived it.

Pressed on this story, Y2J has in fact explained: "The Festival of Friendship, something I had been planning and preparing for practically months, getting me to approve every single step or word until the night before and the very night of the show they wanted me to completely change it from start to finish.

That was the only time I got angry and said 'Absolutely not, we've been building it for months to get it to work just like that. You have to trust my vision at some point after being here for nearly 20 years. You have to leave things for the pros to the pros' This is one of the things I love in AEW, we always do everything exactly like this, we are free through and through”.

Fortunately for WWE fans, the management couldn't convince Jericho to change the segment, with his angle remaining. one of the most iconic of the Stamford company of the last few years, mainly thanks to his ideas and those of Owens, who worked closely for months, just to get to that fundamental point.

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