Lacey Evans was trying to have another baby before WWE push

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Lacey Evans was trying to have another baby before WWE push

In the latest episode of Writing With Russo, the former WWE writer stated that WWE should focus on the "real personalities" on the roster, trying to rely more on what is the historical background of the athletes present.

Taking Lacey Evans as an example, Russo has made it clear what he thinks WWE should do to create more engaging female characters, also based on what we are told in the various documentaries on the Stamford-based federation's quintessential platform, the WWE Network.

Vince Russo made no secret of his concerns and released the following words as advice to WWE about managing the female landscape: "I happened to see two specials on the WWE Network, for example, I saw the real Lacey Evans and the character who instead is regularly brought on TV, and I ran into a real headache for the whole vision.

She is the one who seems to be managing the family! I was really impressed with her personality, even though we all know her military background. How did the "Southern Belle" become? What are they doing? I would begin to form her character starting from her story.

We try to understand who these women are in everyday life and only then decide how to create their character, obviously zooming in on everything millions of times. At the moment there is a need, because I'm sorry to say, but there are only twelve to fifteen girls on the show."

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A particular study by Vince Russo, who returns to a much debated topic in recent times, namely that of the management of the female side of the roster that leaves much to be desired, especially with regard to the creation of new characters able to leverage on the public.

And in your opinion, is Vince Russo right? Could it be a good idea to create female characters based on their personal past background? Let us know with a comment. While speaking to The Bella Twins’ podcast, she revealed some details about Lacey Evans' recent life events.

She was trying to have another baby prior to starting her recent storyline with WWE. Then once she was just about to have her big match with Asuka she was positive and baby #2 was on the way. “Obviously they were so supportive of even the thought of extending my family and having another baby.

For a couple months, we tried. I’m taking pregnancy tests and my daughter is crying because it’s negative, negative, negative, negative, negative. She’s finally on her knees praying to God because she thinks He’s the one who will decide when it’s time.

Then all of a sudden, Vince has this idea with the whole storyline. I was like, alright. Everything has been negative. I’ll get back in the game. Sure enough, Sunday, at 8:15, I said I’ll just continue to take pregnancy tests for obvious reasons.

Sunday at 8:15, it was positive and it was one week to the day of Elimination Chamber. I was like, this is great, but, damn it. There’s guilt. You feel guilty because there are so many people working for these storylines, from the writers, to Charlotte, to her father.

But, what can you do? It took me from 8:15 to 8:40 to figure out how to write that up and inform the powers that be that this is where we’re at”.