*Spoiler* Shane McMahon trolls everyone on Raw

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*Spoiler* Shane McMahon trolls everyone on Raw
*Spoiler* Shane McMahon trolls everyone on Raw (Provided by Wrestling World)

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired in the night, WWE staged some rather strange angles, which starred the Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman and the eldest son of Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon. In recent weeks, the two have in fact had some quarrels, with the bearded giant of Raw who took it out several times with the Chairman's son for not having considered him for the Elimination Chamber match of the homonymous PPV, for not having been a WWE Champion in his career, but only having won the Universal Championship.

After what has been seen during the past few weeks, the WWE then wanted to continue on this storyline, going to make the two collide once again, but apparently, something would have gone wrong during the night, with Shane who may have forgotten what he had to say.

at the microphone, making a rather bizarre figure, live.

Shane McMahon trolls everyone

During Monday Night Raw, in fact, Braun Strowman wanted to ask once again for an apology from Shane McMahon, which strangely came almost immediately, with the son of the Chairman who wanted to apologize to the Raw giant, putting an end to their diatribes.

Obviously, it couldn't end that easily, though, with Shane McMahon doing a second talking segment during the evening, calling Strowman a decidedly unintelligent guy. Listening to these words, Strowman was obviously offended and infuriated and thus began to chase Shane McMahon throughout the backstage of the red show, but never found his opponent.

Braun Strowman eventually became convinced that Shane McMahon had left the backstage in a car when the Chairman's son was still present in the area, but well hidden. After Strowman's departure, Shane confirmed that there is still "something to do", without hinting at anything else, in a somewhat strange and indecipherable segment, which reminded fans of the 2000 feud between Big Show and Shane himself.

At times, it seemed as if Shane had forgotten his lines, starting to improvise the first thing he could think of, that he could say to the company microphones. We will see how this situation evolves in the coming weeks. Strowman chased him to the backstage area and saw a vehicle leaving the arena, assuming that it was McMahon in the vehicle.

As The Monster Among Men walked away in fury, McMahon re-appeared in the frame and called him stupid. Clearly, Shane McMahon hates Braun Strowman. Is this feud some sort of a running joke for WWE's backstage personnel, that the fans are unaware of? Judging by this week's WWE RAW, there will most likely be a match between the two stars, perhaps at WrestleMania 37.

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