Edge puts over MVP in a huge way

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Edge puts over MVP in a huge way

Two of the characters who initially appeared to be "secondary" in the WWE rings at the beginning of last year were the returning MVP and Edge, the company's Hall of Famer who returned to the McMahon rings after nearly 10 years of forced retirement for a very bad injury that had initially ended his career.

The two athletes had in fact returned to the scene with great fanfare, but in a career phase in which we usually go towards retirement, with several feuds that would still have been able to go on stage, but certainly not in the highest part of the card.

Monday Night Raw or the main events of the Stamford company. For MVP, even, there was talk of a simple very short on-screen return, with a stint wanted by the wrestler only to please his son with a match against Rey Mysterio that should have concluded his career, only to make room for a role backstage, who had nothing more to do with wrestling.

Thanks to the great contribution of the two, however, WWE has created great storylines in the last year, with MVP who managed to be the perfect glue for Hurt Business on Raw, with Bobby Lashley who even made it to the WWE world title also thanks to the help of the manager and with Edge who instead will go to challenge none other than the Universal Champion in that of Wrestlemania 37.

Edge pays tribute to MVP

In one of his latest comments released on his Twitter page, Edge wanted to respond to a fan who believed his return and that of MVP, two of the best returns ever, with the Rated R Superstar who in fact stated: "And you have no idea what MVP and the rest of the Hurt Business have yet to come up with.

He is certainly an additional credit to the business, a mentor to those around him and an example of how you can always beat yourself. It just made WWE better." With these huge words, Edge wanted to pay his warmest compliments to the creator of the Hurt Business and to the one who managed to keep the entire team on-screen and off-screen, always remaining true to himself and being a great example for his teammates, directing them towards guaranteed victories, which are making Hurt Business one of the most successful stables of WWE's last years.

WWE is on the road to WrestleMania and information is getting locked down backstage in a big way. Ringsidenews reported that a memo was sent out to WWE producers imploring them not to share any creative details with the talent.

The creative team was also told to ask Vince McMahon or Bruce Prichard before sharing any creative details with talent. This new policy has eliminated Superstar feedback when it comes to their angles. Talent feedback was previously a much larger part of the creative process. Now talent doesn’t know what they’re doing.