Goldberg reflects on his time in the wrestling business

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Goldberg reflects on his time in the wrestling business

In the course of his WWE adventure, Bill Goldberg certainly represents a fundamental figure in the history of the company. Over the years we have seen that fans either love him or hate him and there is no middle ground when it comes to Da Man.

Although this sector has launched him and made him an extraordinary superstar Goldberg has often had a negative attitude towards wrestling and especially during his experience in WCW he almost seemed to hate this sport. In the course of his latest document, WWE published a definitive part on its network 'Goldberg at the 54th' where the superstar returned to some of his phrases from the past, often much talked about and sometimes criticized.

Here are his words: "Wrestling is definitely a strange business. Over the years my love for him has grown and at first, I didn't think it would be like this at all. I have never appreciated it as much as maybe they appreciate me.

It gives me a totally different perspective and frankly, I wanted this perspective on wrestling all along, but then in the end I wouldn't be Goldberg. I guess there is a reason things happen and there is a reason why you are the person you are in your environment.

Now I'm really very calm."

Goldberg's outlook on professional wrestling has changed

Bill Goldberg's vision of wrestling has changed and in the course of a recent interview, the former champion clarified how many appearances he can really make in this 2021, a certain particular contract with the company.

Here are his words: "In 2020 I ran out of my limit quite early with last April's match at Wrestlemania 36, but they were really strange circumstances given the situation. Despite being 53, my commitment to WWE is still strong and I would never have imagined seeing it.

that I was the one who made fun of Ric Flair who fought at 40 in WWE." To the microphones of The Pop Culture Show Goldberg revealed that he can now participate in only two matches a year, this is what the contract that binds him to the company of Vince McMahon says and in fact, his eventual participation in Wrestlemania 37 would in fact conclude his appearances for this year in WWE.

It's no secret that Goldberg didn't particularly enjoy his time in WCW, and he brought that attitude with him to WWE in 2003. It led to Goldberg being away from the business for over a decade before returning in 2016, thanks to a deal with 2K for their WWE video game franchise.

It's nice to see that Goldberg's view of the wrestling industry has changed over the past five years. While fans don't know when they will see Goldberg again, he is contracted to have one more match in 2021. Will it be at WrestleMania? Only time will tell.