Goldberg says top WWE star is like a younger version of himself

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Goldberg says top WWE star is like a younger version of himself

In the course of the documentary 'Goldberg at 54' that WWE star Bill Goldberg held through the WWE network, the wrestler talked about many themes, thus telling his thoughts. In particular, Da Man has revealed who is the wrestler who in his view is most like him within the current main roster.

Here are his words: "In the end, time is my only real constraint. Despite having a particular age for the world of wrestling I can say that I am physically quite well. I am not called like any wrestler, called only to be destroyed.

When I trained against Drew McIntyre I felt I was fit enough and that I could challenge anyone, even the WWE champion. At the same time fighting Drew McIntyre was like fighting a younger version of myself, I have to say I noticed these similarities a little bit."

Goldberg vs. Drew McIntyre at Royal Rumble 2021

The last fight Bill Goldberg had in WWE was at the last Royal Rumble where he challenged then WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Da Man returned for that match 9 months after his last fight and immediately took on WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

The match did not last long, Goldberg tried to hit with the Jackhammer but in the end, through the Claymore Kick, The Scottish Psychopath got the better and kept the title. At the end of the match, the two shook hands and a few days later Drew McIntyre revealed: "If the cameras did not show it clearly I will not reveal in detail what Bill Goldberg told me after our match at the Royal Rumble.

I can tell he made it clear that I earned his respect from him and said some pretty cool things about me as a person and as a wrestler. It was a fantastic match, very physical where he held up the fight very well." After his match with Drew McIntyre at Royal Rumble, Goldberg said it felt great to be in the ring with The Scottish Warrior, and that it was one of the few times that he felt good being in the ring with someone else.

He said that there are few people in the business that are more deserving of the title than McIntyre. Goldberg returned to WWE nine months after his last match and immediately challenged then WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. McIntyre accepted the challenge and the two, faced each other at Royal Rumble.

The brutal match between the two big men saw them trade spears, with Goldberg even landing a Jackhammer on McIntyre. But the Scotsman kicked out and landed a Claymore Kick to win in under three minutes.