Chavo Guerrero on Working on NBC’s Young Rock

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Chavo Guerrero on Working on NBC’s Young Rock

Chavo Guerrero is a former WWE wrestler and he spoke about working on NBC’s Young Rock TV series. The series is currently one of the highest-viewed television programs on cable. Young Rock is a series based on legendary WWE wrestler, The Rock.

It apparently has a lot of pro-wrestling in it. Chavo Guerrero worked as the wrestling coordinator. He revealed that he had to teach almost all actors the basics of pro-wrestling as stunt doubles were not available, due to the pandemic.

Of course, they were sometimes available.

Chavo Gurrero taught all of the actors the basic moves of pro-wrestling

“Nobody was a wrestler there, except for a couple of the extras,” Chavo said. “All the main actors had no wrestling experience whatsoever.

It was up to me to teach these guys what I could do, and we were on a time crunch. It wasn’t like on GLOW, where I had these actors for a month before they even started filming. So, every day, five days a week, three hours a day, two classes a day, I was training these girls.

This, we were on a time crunch. “A lot of times I would’ve at least had a double there for these actors. We were in one city in Australia, and with that pandemic and with that lockdown and the quarantine, I had nobody to choose from.

So a lot of times I was like, ‘Hey guys, unfortunately, you guys are doing all your own bumps. You guys are doing all your own moves.’ You’re going to see some super great stuff, and it’s all these actors doing everything because there were no doubles.

We couldn’t have doubles there. If it was in LA, yeah I would’ve had doubles for them just in case, but this was the actors doing everything”. Chavo stated that many actors got injured during the filming and he actually gave them a cream to recover, which was illegal in Australia.

“There was a lot of Icy H*t being passed around,” Chavo Guerrero joked. “I had some CBD cream that I had taken to Australia that I didn’t realize was illegal there. I had this CBD cream that you just rub on.

There’s no THC, just straight CBD. It’s really great, and I use that a lot for joints and muscles and stuff. So we used that a lot, and I passed that around, and I get texts saying, ‘Hey, Chavo, I’m coming up to your room for some of that CBD cream. My knees are killing me.’ So that was getting passed around a lot”.