Bobby Lashley on a potential dream match against Brock Lesnar

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Bobby Lashley on a potential dream match against Brock Lesnar

In recent weeks there has been a clear and sensational reversal at the top of Monday Night Raw. After what happened at Elimination Chamber Bobby Lashley won the title against The Miz the following week and this week the two faced off in a rematch with The All Mighty who kept the title and literally destroyed The A-Lister.

Bobby Lashley became WWE Champion after a long wait and after 17 years he finally took the laurel. Now there are many rumors about who will challenge Bobby Lashley at Wrestlemania 37, the candidacy for a great match against Drew McIntyre is increasingly advancing but a suggestive return to the WWE Universe is not excluded.

WWE Universe fans have long awaited the return of Brock Lesnar, currently Free Agent and there was talk in recent weeks of a possible return, perhaps in a fight at Wrestlemania 37 against Bobby Lashley.

Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar is a WrestleMania main-event caliber match

The WWE Champion has long dreamed of challenging Lesnar in a match and after winning the title many have imagined this clash.

During a recent interview with The Wrap's microphones, the CEO of Hurt Business talked about this possibility by partially vanishing the dreams of fans of the WWE Universe. Here are his statements about it: "I talked to someone who is very close to Brock Lesnar at the moment and he told me that this is not the time at the moment.

In general, I know him very little, I have never talked to him that much and the only one I refer to when I want to. information about him is Brock Lesnar." Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley are two wrestling giants and both share a history behind MMA wrestlers.

For some time we have been talking about this possibility but at the moment the Stamford federation and the two wrestlers seem to be oriented in other directions. At the moment the most accredited hypothesis regarding the fight at the WWE Championship is a clash between Lashley and Drew McIntyre with the latter dreaming of regaining the title this time with the presence of the public in the stands.

Fans are well aware of Brock Lesnar's accomplishments as a WWE Superstar. He has done it all in pro-wrestling and will go down as one of the biggest attractions this business has ever seen. Bobby Lashley, on the other hand, has worked his way to the top over the past three years and was finally given a big push when he won the WWE title on last week's RAW.