Why WWE made The Miz champion before Bobby Lashley

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Why WWE made The Miz champion before Bobby Lashley

In recent weeks, a shocking moment that truly left WWE Universe fans in awe was when The Miz went to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase at Elimination Chamber, beating then WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, thanks to the indispensable help of Bobby Lashley, who had gone to attack the Scot, leaving him battered and ready to be pinned by The Miz.

In the episode of Monday Night Raw immediately following the February PPV, however, The Miz immediately had to go face to face with the All Mighty, who thus asked the new world champion for his titled chance, as required by the stipulated agreement between The Miz and MVP, before Lashley's attack on McIntyre in PPV.

In the week immediately following these events, the Awesome One thus lost its second world title, going to give up the belt in favor of the former US WWE champion, in the main event of Raw. But why did the McMahons first get The Miz to win the title, only to take it away a week later?

Backstage news on The Miz

As reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, The Miz would have always been the wrestler "in the right place, at the right time", for what was WWE's plans for Wrestlemania 37.

As reported by the well-known overseas journalist in one of his latest newsletters, in fact: "It was a way to give Bobby Lashley the title, just like you saw it. They wanted Drew to come as a challenger on the first night the fans were there.

So, this is the direction they are taking. They could have done it easily with someone else, as a transitional champion, but the thing of having a champion for only a week, it sucks enough. Therefore, they have seen fit not to use an athlete who is in the main event in a stable manner.

They could have put Sheamus in this context, but it would have made Sheamus seem like a real idiot; and they would probably have pulled too hard, especially if he looks to the heel de roster side. I mean, The Miz had the briefcase."

The Miz's fans had lost all hope that he would ever win another WWE Championship in his career. He had practically been used to put other stars over and had won only a handful of singles matches over the past 12 months or so.

Courtesy Bobby Lashley's ruthless attack on McIntyre following the Elimination Chamber match, The Miz was able to beat The Scottish Warrior to win the WWE Championship for the second time in his career. The Miz is no longer the WWE Champion, but many of his fans are content with the fact that he is still as relevant as ever and won the prestigious title more than a decade after his first win.