New details on Braun Strowman's WWE status

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New details on Braun Strowman's WWE status

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired this week, Braun Strowman and Shane McMahon continued to carry on their storyline, which will most likely lead them to have a match at Wrestlemania 37, as already announced by several rumors close to the company.

by Stamford. In the latest episode of the WWE flag show, Shane initially apologized to Strowman for not including him in the titled match within the Elimination Chamber, as requested by the giant over the past few weeks, and then went silly instead.

at Monster Among Men, who obviously got mad, starting to chase Vince McMahon's eldest son all the way backstage, until Shane managed to hide for good from the bearded giant of the company. Apparently, however, in this context, the WWE would have used some tricks that in recent months it would not have had with Strowman, with the giant who in fact turned out to be an athlete with a different attitude, compared to the one used in the last period in WWE.

Update on Braun Strowman

According to what was also pointed out by the well-known site Wrestling Observer, through the usual analyzes and daily news of the journalist Dave Meltzer, WWE would have deliberately made Braun Strowman pass for the face of the situation, instead of having Shane enter once again among the ranks of the heel, so as to cheer the bearded giant to fans who flock to see Wrestlemania 37 live.

In one of his latest updates reported on the site's radio program, Meltzer said: "The mentality is that they're looking for a way to get Shane through the heel of the situation, so the idea is to get him to fuck up, making fun of the other guys.

In this case, the jerk that is Strowman would be the babyface of the storyline." In practice, according to what Meltzer revealed, the WWE idea would be to annoy Strowman as much as possible by Shane McMahon, slowly moving the attitude of the giant in favor of the babyfaces of the company, bringing the WWE Universe to the side of the giant and not to the side of Vince's son, who in this story must instead play the role of the villain.

WWE RAW Superstar Braun Strowman recently took to his Instagram account to show us a glimpse of his transformation. The ‘Monster Among Men’ recalled when he didn’t know if he would walk again following his back injury.

However, the former WWE Universal Champion is grateful for the positivity surrounding his complete recovery and is proud of his transformation: "Very happy with my continued progress...The left leg is still struggling a little due to the atrophy from my back injury in 2015, but beyond blessed cause, there was a time when I didn’t know if I would be able to walk ever again!!

The human body is an amazing thing and can do amazing things. It just takes some work and smart decisions to start taking steps in the right direction and a healthier life."