March 8 episode viewership and ratings revealed with Bobby Lashley as champion

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March 8 episode viewership and ratings revealed with Bobby Lashley as champion

For the past two weeks, WWE has brought its new world champion to the rings on Monday Night Raw: Bobby Lashley. The All Mighty had in fact gone to beat The Miz in the first titled opportunity that was saved in front of him, after having obtained a titled match thanks to the verbal agreement that had allowed The Miz to cash in his briefcase on Drew McIntyre, after the end of his Elimination Chamber match, with Lashley's attack that was instrumental in making the Awesome One win.

RAW's viewership and ratings after Bobby Lashley becomes the champion

Apparently, a large section of the public would be very happy with Bobby Lashley's victory, since they have been waiting for this moment for years and wanted to thank in their own way, a bit all of WWE, following the adventures of the new champion, even during the show this week, also thanks to the curiosity to see if something could go wrong in the titled match of the first hour of the flag show of the Stamford company.

A clear symptom that fans are very attracted to the new WWE Champion, is given by the analysis of the ratings of Monday Night Raw, with the segment in which the world champion was sent on stage, which in fact collected over two million viewers, while instead the rest of the evening went down, first towards 1 million and 900 thousand and then even towards one million and 740 thousand viewers.

The announcement of the titled match arrived at the beginning of the episode, has in fact increased the views towards the show, a sign that the WWE Universe fans were very attracted to the protagonists of the match in question, who strangely did not go live in the main event of the evening.

Following the detailed analysis of the ratings and their collapse, as the evening progressed, we can see how in the time slot in which the match valid for the world title was broadcast, the ratings remained very high, while instead after this match, the numbers have dropped, with fans who have therefore preferred to change the channel, dedicating themselves to something else, with Bobby Lashley who therefore seems to remain a great added value for WWE.

With the exception of his two reigns as ECW Champion, this could be considered as Bobby Lashley's first-ever run as a WWE World Champion. In the lead-up to his WWE title win on RAW, the WWE Universe has shown its massive support to Lashley and has been rooting for him as the main champion of the Red brand.

Given that this is Bobby Lashley's first reign as WWE Champion, WWE needs to make sure that he gets a successful and lengthy reign to establish Lashley's position as the man to beat on RAW. With one successful title defense already under his wing, Bobby Lashley is definitely off to a solid start as the WWE Champion.