WWE live events could return this summer

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WWE live events could return this summer

In the last year entirely wiped out by the pandemic, pro-wrestling fans all over the world have had to give up on so many things, just like fans of many other sports in the world, as all over the globe are shows, cinemas, arenas, concerts and much more have been blocked due to covid-19, which has brought entire world markets to their knees.

Among all, that of pro-wrestling was probably one of the most affected, since only the biggest companies seem to have been saved without almost any kind of financial and media backlash, which thanks to their TV agreements have nevertheless brought to the scene shows, albeit without an audience, but which could still reach the homes of millions of other people, connected from all over the United States or the rest of the world.

The pandemic called for virtually all live pro wrestling events to be cancelled unless they included virtual WWE fans. This trend is not likely to change as the world still has a long way to go. As early as next April, WWE will bring back a show with an audience in the arena to follow the exploits of their Superstars, with Wrestlemania which will in fact be the perfect scenario to see the cheering fans inside the Raymond James Stadium of Tampa Bay.

WWE live events could return this summer

Obviously, this is just a precursor gesture, which will then see a further future expansion towards other shows with the fans involved in the room. According to an article written on the pages of Yahoo, talking about the WWE and its Network, now landed on Peacock TV, the journalists of the well-known portal have indeed wanted to declare: "With the return of roadshows not expected before July, WWE has not yet finalized the search for a new location for the ThunderDome for after April.

Currently, the company is using Tropicana Field in St Petersburg, Florida, but will have to leave when the Tampa Bay Rays return for the April 9 opening show." Apparently, just before Wrestlemania 37, WWE will have to remove the curtains from his current location, immediately looking for a new arena to mount his ThunderDome.

The thing that most catches the eye of this article, however, is the announcement by Yahoo that the WWE wants to reopen its doors in a more consistent way to its fans, since July, the month in which the live events could return to the scene, with the Stamford federation that may thus no longer have to use ThunderDome technology to fill the arenas in which its athletes will perform.

We have not heard anything official about live events returning just yet. The pandemic won’t be over for a very long time, but the United States might be at a point by July when things can get back to some semblance of normalcy. We can only hope.