Female Superstar tipped to join Roman Reigns' faction

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Female Superstar tipped to join Roman Reigns' faction

These days we have brought you news stories about many topics covered by the former WWE writer Vince Russo, who also discussed the Stable of Roman Reigns, Tribal Chief and current Universal champion. With him are his cousin Jey Uso and Paul Heyman, a great performer at the microphone, who helped the two so much to create something extremely interesting over the months also for SmackDown in general.

However, according to the former writer, the Stable is not yet complete, but it may need a graft inside, the arrival of whom could really be "child's play" We are talking about Naomi, wife of Jimmy Uso, Roman's other cousin, currently stopped in the pits due to an injury.

Vince Russo on Naomi, Roman Reigns' other cousin

Speaking about the modern product with Dr. Chris Featherstone on SK Wrestling in Writing With Russo, the former WCW made the following statements: "From the point of view of the storyline, I would see very well Naomi with Roman Reigns, in her Stable.

The whole Samoan family, with all its traditions and history. I can't believe they are missing the opportunity to do something with her and others right now, for me to insert it is really a breeze. " Naomi has already worked alongside the Usos in the past, but she has never crossed her career with that of Roman Reigns and this could really be the right moment for her, considering precisely her proximity to the twins.

At the moment the athlete is engaged in that of Raw within a team formed with Lana, who however failed to win the women's couple titles this week in the federation's red show, while Roman Reigns is ready to face Edge in that of WrestleMania.

although before finally announcing this match she will have to face Daniel Bryan in Fastlane on March 21st. And would you like to see Naomi featured in Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman and Jey Uso's Stable? Let us know with a comment.

Vince Russo thinks WWE writers have not done enough to make fans care about female Superstars’ storylines. With regards to Sonya Deville, he believes her real-life stalking case should have been mentioned on WWE television.

“I mean, bro, here’s a perfect example, and I mean I’m sure there were some things they couldn’t do legally, but there are some things they could do legally. Bro, when Sonya Deville went through that whole stalking… Bro, if you tell us that story on TV, we’re gonna care for that woman”.