Bobby Lashley on who gave The Hurt Business their name

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Bobby Lashley on who gave The Hurt Business their name

After a wait of 17 years, Bobby Lashley managed to conquer the WWE Champion title several days ago and thus fulfill the dream of an extraordinary career. The wrestler, about ten days ago, beat on Monday Night Raw during a Lumberjack Match, the now-former champion The Miz and thus took him to the top of the world.

In the last episode of the red show The A-Lister he asked for and obtained a rematch, a meeting which The All Mighty dominated, thus retaining the title. For Lashley, this opens up interesting scenarios in view of Wrestlemania 37.

Lashley returned to WWE in 2018 but we have seen a great rebirth thanks to The Hurt Business, Stable of which he is CEO and where he collaborates with MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander.

Bobby Lashley on who gave The Hurt Business their name

During an interview with The Wrap's microphones, Bobby Lashley talked about how the name The Hurt Business was born.

Here are his words: "I was the one who chose this name. I thought about it from the beginning, I often thought about it. I originally had a boxing coach in Coconut Creek at the American Top Team and he always wore this shirt and I admired him, thought about him a lot and realized that in WWE I wanted to be inspired by him.

But I needed a Stable. I'm talking about something from many years ago, but despite this, I still thought about it now and in the end, I found the right people to be part of it "Bobby Lashley clarified in the course of the interview that he had verified even if the name of The Hurt Business was protected copyrighted or used by others, then when he found out it wasn't, he asked his former boxing coach if he could use it, and once he got the green light WWE used the name The Hurt Business.

From the very beginning the Hurt Business has had some success in WWE with Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin winning duo titles on Raw while Bobby Lashley has won first the title of Us Champion and then now the title of WWE Champion.

all under the majestic guidance of this sort of conductor who is MVP. The Hurt Business has been quite successful in WWE since they formed last year. They dominated RAW Underground, Bobby Lashley won the United States title, while Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin currently hold the RAW Tag Team titles. Bobby Lashley recently won the WWE Championship, with The Hurt Business standing beside him through his rise to the top.