XFL 2022 Relaunch Plans and Collaboration with CFL

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XFL 2022 Relaunch Plans and Collaboration with CFL

The XFL is a professional Football league and is set to relaunch in 2022. However, XFL announced that they will collaborate with the Canadian Football League in 2022. This will be for “opportunities for the leagues to collaborate, innovate, and grow the game of football”.

The XFL was owned by Vince McMahon, the Chairman and CEO of WWE. Vince sold XFL to an equity group that is led by The Rock. The Rock stated in 2020 that they plan to relaunch the league in 2022.

XFL and CFL Possibly in Talks To Collaborate

Sports Business Journal reported that the 2022 launch is delayed as XFL is in talks with CFL now.

Currently, Jeffrey Pollack is the CEO. Pollack told CBJ that he has “decided to hit pause on planning for our ’22 season, so we can focus on these conversations”. We do not know what the talks will actually lead to.

However, Dany Garcia, XFL Owner, stated that they are looking for potential partners. “Since we first acquired the XFL, we have focused on identifying partners who share our vision and values on and off the field. A vision filled with opportunity, innovation and the highest level of entertainment value for the benefit of our athletes, fans and communities.

The CFL has expressed that similar sentiment and jointly we recognize a great opportunity to build exciting innovative football experiences that make the most of each league’s unique strengths. I look forward to our continued discussions and we will update the sports community as we have more to share,” Garcia said.

Pollack also stated that they are happy to be in talks with CFL. “We are honored and excited to be in discussions with the CFL. It’s clear through our early conversations that we share a passion for football, an expansive sense of possibility, and a deep desire to create more opportunity for players and fans across North America and around the world.

Blending the CFL’s rich heritage with our fresh thinking, and the unique reach and experience of our ownership could be transformative for the game. We look forward to learning more about what’s possible together with the CFL and where our shared passion takes us,” Pollack said.

We still haven’t heard anything from The Rock about it. As his group currently owns XFL, we expect to hear from The Rock himself about the XFL taking this step.