John Laurinaitis returns to former WWE role

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John Laurinaitis returns to former WWE role
John Laurinaitis returns to former WWE role

WWE is in a reset phase at the top, which also involved John Laurinaitis. The former General Manager of Raw as well as promoter of "People Power" has in fact returned to hold the position of Head of Talent Relations, or supervisor of relations with talents.

Role he had held from 2004 to 2012, before resigning. The news was reported by the website, which specified how the new department will be divided into two branches: talent management and branding. The latter, specifically, will act as a kind of agency that will allow WWE superstars to be chosen to appear in television shows, commercials, films and make deals with third parties.

The WWE, therefore, wants to do everything to have complete control over its superstars, in the wake of the ban imposed by Vince McMahon on having any involvement in the federation. And there are no discounts for anyone: Zelina Vega, for example, was fired on the spot for not having closed her OnlyFans account.

A decision that she did discuss, but served as a warning to the athletes on the main roster.

John Laurinaitis' history in WWE

John Laurinaitis will then return to this old post, but will not appear on WWE screens. We remind you how John had been involved in numerous storylines from 2011 onwards, also coming to fight in PPV against John Cena.

His last appearance on TV dates back to an episode of Raw in 2012 where he was put out of action by the former multiple world champion. Not many people know, but John Laurinaitis was also responsible for the sacking of Matt Hardy in 2005, at the time at the center of a controversial love triangle with Edge and Lita.

Hardy was temporarily ousted to avoid possible backstage altercations only to be put back under contract by Vince McMahon, who decided to turn everything into a storyline, giving life to one of the greatest rivalries ever.

Returning instead to the phase of change at the top floors, WWE had fired George Barrios and Michelle Wilson, changing their assets. John Laurinaitis has been influential in WWE for a long time. Besides his previous role as a producer and road agent, he was one of the more senior officials backstage.

Before his time as an official, Laurinaitis also wrestled with several promotions, including WCW and WWE. He worked under the name Johnny Ace, and his brother was the late Road Warrior Animal. He is also the step-father of The Bella Twins.

His time as the RAW General Manager was received very poorly by the WWE Universe. He was an extremely effective heel authority figure, but it remains to be seen if he will ever return to an on-screen role.

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