New details on rumored cancelled John Cena SummerSlam match

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New details on rumored cancelled John Cena SummerSlam match

In the last hours, a sensational rumor would have destabilized the internal environments of the WWE, with the news that John Cena would have refused a great match in that of SummerSlam 2020, for no specific reason. On various international newspapers, in the last few hours, there was nothing but talk of the former WWE Champion, now dedicated to American cinema and TV, with John Cena who is currently busy filming his new TV series, totally focused on the character of Peacemaker, or the same Cena (who is the protagonist of the story), which are currently taking place in Canada.

Already several weeks ago, John Cena wanted to warn fans and insiders that he could also skip the Wrestlemania edition this year, due to the pandemic restrictions that would not allow him to fly from Canada to the USA, without having to stop for a precautionary quarantine.

WWE had to change up a ton of their plans for 2020

To try to clarify the John Cena-SummerSlam situation, the well-known overseas site, Ringside News, also intervened in the last few hours, which firmly wanted to deny the rumor of possible use of the Leader of the Chain Gang in the summer Big Four of the WWE, saying that one of his appearances had not even been discussed by the management of the Stamford company.

Apparently, according to what was revealed by the Ringside reporters, the rumor that reported Cena as the possible opponent of Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship in the most anticipated event of the summer of the McMahon-owned company is said to be totally unfounded and invented news, given that the commitments of the pure-world champion of the federation did not allow Cena to take part in the show and both he and the federation managers had known this for a long time, with the thing that in fact did not even set the creative team in motion for him, in view of the show.

Once again, the world of web wrestling was falling into a fake news trap, with the inventor of the news deliberately leaking false information for some unknown reason. John Cena is an inspiration for millions, and he was R-Truth’s childhood hero.

He also lent a helping hand to Apollo Crews when he was just trying to find himself. Crews sat in catering for the longest time in WWE. Now he is fighting to change things. John Cena was around and pulling for him to realize who he really was to show the WWE Universe.

While speaking to After The Bell, Apollo Crews spoke about John Cena a bit. He was just coming into WWE and Cena was still around. He said that the 16x World Champion would pull him aside on a regular basis and try to figure out who he really is. That was something that Crews didn’t even realize at the time.