Big Cass discusses possible WWE return

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Big Cass discusses possible WWE return

Released in June 2018, Big Cass is back on the WWE talk, stating that he is open to the idea of returning to Vince McMahon's federation someday. The athlete faced some problems with alcoholism and with his own mental health, which forced him to quit wrestling for some time.

After returning to rehab in 2020, the wrestler seems ready to face a new chapter in his life. His longtime partner Enzo Amore made his return to the ring with Lariato Pro Wrestling last February, and Cass himself, speaking to WrestleTalk, admitted that he could consider a possible return to the McMahon court.

Big Cass’ WWE career

"That would be great, but I'm not focused on any long-term projects at the moment. I'm only paying attention to my independent show bookings, and I have to give all my attention to that, because the future is a beautiful mystery, as you would say, Aaron Rodgers.

So I don't really know what's in store for me, but if WWE called me again I'd really do my best, to confirm the first positive impressions they had of me in the first moments. I live life one day at a time, you never know what will happen tomorrow."

Big Cass was known as Colin Cassady in FCW, development territory. Once he arrived in that of NXT, the yellow-black brand of the WWE, he formed a team with Enzo Amore in 2013 and then betrayed him in a rather incredible way in 2017 when the two were already an integral part of the Main Roster.

Cass lost her last WWE match to Daniel Bryan in Money In The Bank 2018, which aired in June. Only after two days, the WWE made known the news of his dismissal, due to various inappropriate behaviors that occurred in a short period of time, as Cass himself admitted to Ryan Satin's microphones in 2019.

Originally known as Colin Cassady, Big Cass joined WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) developmental territory in 2011. He went on to form a tag team with Enzo Amore in NXT in 2013. To this day, Cass and Amore are widely viewed as one of the most popular duos in the brand’s history.

Cass remained tag team partners with Amore for over a year after they moved to WWE’s main roster in 2016. The towering Superstar turned heel and betrayed Amore in 2017 before suffering an ACL tear, ruling him out for eight months. Two months after his return to action in 2018, Cass received his release from WWE.