Shawn Michaels opens up on WWE banning leg slaps

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Shawn Michaels opens up on WWE banning leg slaps

Last week it was reported that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon issued a new edict that wrestlers are no longer allowed to slap each other on the legs during their matches. A rather unexpected decision, so much so that even one of the Superkick masters like Shawn Michaels decided to comment on it.

HBK has in fact granted an interview to the 'New York Post' and during this, he was asked about the use of slaps on the legs by the wrestlers. “Clearly I look back and tell myself that, yes, I've been doing it for a long time.

I also remember telling myself that I had just given myself one. But it's part of the job, I remember when I started and I told myself that I did something too fast, too hard, but this too is a question of balance. At the same time, however, the business also evolves and changes", is the reflection of Shawn Michaels.

And speaking of a superkick, for him a finisher and for his heirs an even abused move, Shawn Michaels says he doesn't have a worry: "Football is not played the same way. Basketball is not played the same way, so what? say? I am a person who accepts these changes.

I appreciate today's style. I appreciate the athleticism of today's artists. Are they perfect? ​​No, but neither were we."

Shawn Michaels on his off-screen role in WWE NXT

Speaking of the novelty on the now forbidden slap in the leg, the novelty dates back to a very recent WWE show.

Here was a sign that was posted in the Gorilla Position, which said "do not slap leg when kicking" These were the instructions for the main roster. This edict is believed to apply to NXT talent as well but has not been confirmed.

Additionally, there have been rumors that WWE Superstars have moved to go against the edict, but even that hasn't been confirmed. Leg slaps during matches have been frowned upon by some legends for decades. In various cases, however, they have been widely used: Shawn Michaels did it for years while performing his Sweet Chin Music, while Randy Orton did it for the Punt Kick and Drew McIntyre for the Claymore Kick.

Shawn Michaels is part of the behind-the-scenes crew that runs WWE NXT every week. Along with his best friend Triple H, this group turned the black-and-gold brand into the h*ttest show in the wrestling business for several years.

Michaels opened up on how much being a part of WWE NXT means to him. "It’s a very big part of my life. I sincerely feel like it’s my purpose. I have a wonderful family that understands that who supports me in that. I wouldn’t change it for anything"