Vince McMahon had issues with Roman Reigns' ring gear

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Vince McMahon had issues with Roman Reigns' ring gear

Many times, over the years, some quirks and peculiarities emerge that WWE Universe fans would never imagine, regarding some very important on-screen characters, their looks or their income, which are the result of months of work and of experiments.

Apparently, the final judgment would always be that of Chairman Vince McMahon, who despite everything still remains the owner and the one who wants to put the last word in every speech, as it should be. Even the Universal champion of Smackdown, Roman Reigns, would not be exempt from this discourse, despite having much more "political" weight than many other colleagues backstage and also great freedom in a gimmick key, which manages to make him move more freely compared to many colleagues, both on the microphone and off-screen.

Apparently, as revealed in one of his latest interviews, in the last period Roman would have had to submit to a ban by Vince, who did not want him to wear white shoes on the TV screens of the company.

Vince McMahon had issues with Roman Reigns' ring gear

Recently interviewed by the show Complex, which talked about shoes and fashion, the WWE Universal champion also let himself go to a very particular revelation, namely the request of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon not to wear shoes with white soles in the rings of the company.

To the microphones of the broadcast, Roman Reigns said: "No, I did not expect at all that shoes could become the subject of discussions. The main thing for me is that once they are put on, I get up a little bit compared to normal sneakers, to fight.

There are I think about 4 cm more, compared to normal shoes. In the past I tried to wear a pair like these, for my performances, they were from Nike and they felt very light, very comfortable. The only thing is that they had completely white and very showy soles and I thought they made my look quite classic.

I didn't think I was going out of my style. The only thing different is that the rest of my look was black, of different types, but always black. I had something white on the suit and gloves, so I thought the shoes would fit too, which recalled small details of white on the rest of the ring gear.

I thought it was really cool! But a person and this is a really important person, didn't like all this, so..." Vince McMahon calls the shots in WWE so what he says goes. If he doesn’t like the look of someone’s gear he’s not shy about saying something, even if he’s talking to Roman Reigns. That won’t keep the Tribal Chief from having his own preference.