Former WWE composer recalls story behind Vince McMahon's theme song

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Former WWE composer recalls story behind Vince McMahon's theme song

The theme song 'No Chance in Hell' by Vince McMahon is unanimously considered by fans and insiders as one of the most beautiful entry music in WWE history. The 75-year-old from Pinehurst, who took over the Stamford-based federation following his father's death in 1984, has contributed more than any other to elevating the sports entertainment business.

Despite never having been a true professional wrestler, Vince is still a two-time world champion, having held both the WWF Championship and the ECW World Championship, as well as winning the 1999 edition of the Royal Rumble.

In a long exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, former WWE composer Jim Johnston revealed the story behind the company's boss's iconic theme song.

Vince McMahon's theme perfectly fit his character

“I still consider him a great friend of mine today.

But like all friends, there were times when I was angry with him and others when he was angry with me. When I composed his entry music, I was very angry with him. He had a bossy attitude, I don't remember the circumstances exactly, but I was definitely angry.

Perhaps disappointed rather than angry. He was having fabulous success in his business with him, there was no reason why he was so bossy. God works in a mysterious way. I can't explain the reason, but in the end - despite the approach I've described - perfect music came out.

It does not seem that that music was born from a moment of anger, yet it was so. Looking back, I realized it was like a voice out of my diary”- said Johnston. Vince McMahon stood out for his great personality during the Attitude Era, ending up being counted among the most successful heels in WWE history.

Famous was his storyline with Stone Cold Steve Austin at the time of Monday Night Wars, as well as his feuds with other symbols of the modern era. Vince McMahon's theme song "No Chance In Hell" has remained with him throughout his WWE stint.

The theme was instrumental in him being established as an iconic figure in the eyes of WWE fans. Vince McMahon is no stranger to controversy. Being the single most powerful man in all of pro wrestling, his hands have gotten dirty a few more times than he would like to admit.

Many a time, it has been his fault and other times, not so much. Either way, the context of these situations are required. Since information is so easily accessible via the internet now, many fans have been smartened up to quite a few of the scandals and controversies that WWE has gone through, whether it was Fabulous Moolah, the Steroid Scandal or more.