Why Vince McMahon refused to make television appearances in WWE

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Why Vince McMahon refused to make television appearances in WWE

One of the most interesting wrestlers on the Friday Night Smackdown roster is definitely Big E. The former New Day member, now the current InterContinental Champion on the blue show, is on the rise and has been credited as a possible Main Eventer for the longest time.

Vince McMahon believes a lot in him but at the same time, at least so far, he's struggling to make him make the leap. In a recent interview, the wrestler covered several themes and first stated that the WWE Chairman was really excited about the New Day Theme Song when it first entered WWE.

Vince McMahon's special bond with wrestlers

The Unicorn also revealed that Vince McMahon is used to an intense routine with workouts throughout the day. Here are his words about Vince's training, his interview that will then be re-broadcast during the documentary on the Stamford company boss: "Vince is a very interesting man, just watching the XFL documentary alone was very good and his relationship with Dick Ebersol is intriguing.

He has an extraordinary mentality and is gifted with great self-confidence. The character Vince McMahon is definitely worth knowing. He has a personal trainer and this is a really poor guy, we have long journeys and even before the pandemic, it happened that he was waiting for him at 2-3 in the morning after the shows and he started training.

He is absurd, we are talking about a man over 70." The documentary on the life of Vince McMahon is expected to air on Netflix but the official release date is not yet known. In recent months, Big E has been approached several times at the top of Smackdown, there was talk of a challenge against Roman Reigns and even the wrestler was among the main favorites at the Royal Rumble, but in the end, the wrestler never managed to achieve this goal at least for now.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon played a villain for the majority of his time on TV. Though he was perfect in that role, WWE Executive Bruce Pritchard revealed that The Boss was reluctant at times during those days to make on-screen appearances.

On the latest episode of Something to Wrestle with Bruce Pritchard, the WWE exec spoke about the concept behind Vince McMahon's on-screen rivalries. Pritchard revealed that McMahon usually refused to have a program on TV with one of his talents because he felt that he was too old.

"Most of the time he had to be talked into them. He would always start with somebody else, and, ‘No Goddammit. I’m too old to be on TV. I don’t wanna be on TV. Put somebody else on there that — I’m not gonna make the live events.

Get somebody on there that’s gonna do that.’ And then, 'Okay, well what if we did this?' So he usually took a little bit of talking." Vince McMahon is a controversial figure for apparently being a tyrant, but many stories from wrestlers shed light on the kind of person that he really is - a caring human being and a reputable businessman.