Becky Lynch issues a statement on the passing of her father

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Becky Lynch issues a statement on the passing of her father

Former Monday Night Raw champion Becky Lynch, who has not been seen in the Stamford-based company rings for months, that is since that episode of the red show in May last year when she confirmed her pregnancy live to all WWE Universe fans, released the news of her father's death, which came without fans knowing anything about the man's health conditions.

With a long message posted on Instagram and then shared again by Lynch's partner, Seth Rollins, Becky wanted to thank her father for the whole life spent alongside the girl, with a moving memory that left the fans very sorry for what happened.

Becky Lynch says she wishes her father could have met her daughter

After experiencing one of the most beautiful emotions that life can reserve for a woman, with the birth of her eldest daughter Roux, Becky Lynch also had to face one of the greatest pains for a girl, namely that of losing her father, with the touching message posted on social networks which in fact reads: "My father left us this morning.

My God, he was a great dad. My brother and I never doubted a second that he loved us unconditionally. He was proud of us, it didn't matter. Not for what we did, but for who we were. The rest were just details for my dad. I used to always go to him with the most intricate or thorny problems because I knew he wouldn't judge me.

In my teens, he never batted an eye... When I told him I wanted to be a wrestler he never doubted me for a second, even when it started to get tough. And when I was worried that I might take big risks he always said to me 'It's an adventure Missy, live it', as it should be.

My dad was a character, a gentleman, an athlete, an intellectual and a creator. He was always full of positivity and ready to chat with anyone he met on the street, making friends every time. He was bewitching with his unmistakable, slightly regal voice and loved to tell stories.

I was really proud to tell anyone 'my dad is an inventor' - not all of my friends' fathers made things up. But mine does. I think I wasn't even 7 when he told me to keep a diary and I've been writing ever since.

He cultivated my love for books, writing, theater, movies, life. I was really hoping to be there. I was hoping I could introduce him to his little granddaughter. He would have been in love with her and she would have loved him.

'It's a big laugh' - as he always said. Although I know he was happy to have lived since knowing that she is alive. I hope I can be a parent in the same way my Dad did us. Slan Agus Gra. Lots of love and magic. I will always love you and miss you, dad. Becks”.