Murphy goes off about the Mysterio family using him

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Murphy goes off about the Mysterio family using him

In recent weeks, Friday Night Smackdown athlete Murphy, who had disappeared from the WWE blue show TV screens for some time now, has returned in the absence of his former mentor, who eventually became his archenemy, Seth Rollins.

After the departure of the Monday Night Messiah, absent for the birth of his eldest daughter Roux, Murphy was also sidelined with regard to the WWE storylines, due to a massive lack of ideas of the WWE creative sector towards of him.

With the return of Rollins on the television screens of the Friday night blue show, however, Murphy also reappeared in front of the Smackdown cameras, trying to reconnect with his former mentor, who for the moment does not want to know anything about it.

Like a bolt from the blue, in an overnight comment on his Instagram account, Murphy made it known to WWE Universe fans that he literally dumped the entire Mysterio family, guilty of just taking advantage of Murphy's talent which will now continue on its own way.

Murphy stayed off WWE television for a very long time

In the comment that comes like a punch in the stomach, after a very long storyline that began on Monday Night Raw and ended after months in the Smackdown rings, Murphy said: "Let's get the obvious out!

Mysterio used me! I never needed them! I remain beyond all one of the greatest in-ring performers on the planet! Aalyah used me to be on TV and advance her acting career. Dominik used me because he had a reason to be at ringside.

Rey was jealous that I became the new face of the lightweight category and he was put out of the question. They took what they wanted and then left me in the shadows! Sounds like back when I was at NXT." The strange thing is that Murphy first wrote the post and then almost immediately deleted it, even though we were able to trace a screenshot shared by the well-known Ringside News site.

We will see now if these are the plans that WWE will follow with the character of Murphy or if his was a terrible mistake, which has thus effectively compromised a twist that was to come on-screen at Smackdown in the next episodes.

During Seth Rollins’ promo on SmackDown this week, Murphy showed up next to him. He offered to help Rollins against Cesaro, but Rollins told Murphy to go away. Later on, Murphy tried to prove himself to Rollins by facing Cesaro in the singles competition.

In the end, Cesaro defeated Murphy while Rollins sat at commentary. It seems that Murphy’s return to television wasn’t a successful one. We’ll have to see what’s next for him, but tonight wasn’t the best start for his comeback.