WWE files trademark for possible news stable name

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WWE files trademark for possible news stable name

In recent months, WWE has bought several rights to names it uses daily on its TV screens or even on all its social media pages. Already over the past few years, Vince McMahon has engaged in important legal battles with his former fighters, such as with Cody Rhodes, who has tried in every way to appropriate some important names from the WCW's past, to bring back to life.

with some special shows from his AEW, but in vain. Even the surname Rhodes, was for a long time the center of the dispute between the former Intercontinental Champion of McMahon and Vince himself, but this time, it was finally the son of the American Dream, who returned to use his stage surname also on-screen at Dynamite.

WWE files trademark for possible news stable name

In recent days, WWE allegedly bought the rights to use the term "Subculture" in the sports/entertainment world. The news was reported by the well-known site Heel By Nature, which confirmed that WWE has acquired the rights to use this pseudonym in the "entertainment services" category, where the names of athletes, tag teams and stable are usually entered.

At the moment there is said to be no more details on what this "Subculture" could be, if not the fact that it was recorded on March 8th and could therefore soon also arrive on the company's television screens, so as to put a stop to the curiosity of fans and insiders.

Although the first hypotheses concern the name of a stable of the company, we remember how the term can be used for anything, even as a name for a new column or broadcast of the Stamford federation and therefore not for a particular group of wrestlers.

We will see in the coming days, if WWE will break the delay and show its fans what it is or if, as very often happened, the name has been taken as a possible project that in the end will not go through. We’ve heard rumblings about a new stable coming to WWE, but we haven’t been able to get it confirmed.

This could be coming soon and, but the sound of things, the company has a nice name locked down. This trademark was filed on March 8th. We have no idea exactly how WWE plans to use Subculture, but it was registered under the “entertainment services” category in the typical way that most pro wrestling trademarks appear. It makes far more sense for Subculture to be the name of a group than a single person.