Former WWE star exposes Jeff Hardy's past troubles

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Former WWE star exposes Jeff Hardy's past troubles

Jeff Hardy is currently one of the most experienced superstars on the WWE roster, he has a great history behind him, even together with his brother Matt (until the latter then left the company), but at the same time, he really lived moments difficult in the course of his career, mainly due to a period in which he had problems with both alcohol and drugs.

The Charismatic Enigma has lived through really difficult times and one of the darkest periods of his career regarding his experience at TNA and in particular, in the 2011 TNA Victory Road match against Sting the wrestler showed up drunk and was really in a very bad state.

Jeff Hardy on Victory Road 2011

During an interview with AdFreeShows, former WWE executive Eric Bischoff revealed an anecdote about that 2011 match against Sting. At that time Bischoff was a TNA Heel and Eric wanted to reveal his thoughts on that match: "Jeff Hardy was heading for the ring ...

There were two things going through my head and happening at the same time. Since I was a Heel my first thought was to go into the ring and hit him sharply, I must say that in that case, my daughter could also have knocked Jeff out in those conditions.

I could have taken a 12-year-old from the audience and punched Jeff." That was a match without disqualification and all of these things could have happened without any problems. In a later interview, more recently, Jeff Hardy stated that what happened at Victory Road in 2011 helped him.

In fact, Jeff remembered: "2012 was a good year for me, one of the best, but going back to what happened before I have to say that I felt sorry for myself. The addiction had got the better of me and I realized that I had to get out."

Jeff Hardy is currently on Monday Night Raw and recently also participated in the title match at Elimination Chamber. Bischoff realized that the match had a No Disqualification stipulation attached to it. This meant that the bout would have continued even if the former WWE Executive Producer had attempted to knock The Charismatic Enigma out.

Jeff Hardy stated a few years ago that the incident at Victory Road in 2011 helped him become sober. He said it was an "eye-opener" and the hectic pro wrestling schedule was one of the main reasons behind his addiction.