Shawn Michaels reveals when he will leave WWE

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Shawn Michaels reveals when he will leave WWE

Shawn Michaels is now certainly one of the greatest legends in the history of wrestling and obviously of the WWE. After a career in the ring and after having won many titles, the now-former wrestler has embarked on a new career working behind the scenes for the NXT roster.

The Heartbreaker played his last match in 2018 when he joined Triple H and the two got the better of their opponents. In addition to this role, Shawn also helped as a coach at the Performance Center where he was involved in helping tomorrow's talent.

In an interview with the New York Post microphones, Shawn Michaels revealed what would have to happen for him to leave WWE. Here are his words: "As I have been saying for 35 years with WWE, I will only leave when they get tired of me and let me know.

Unless they let me know, I will continue to show myself."

Shawn Michaels on NXT reportedly moving to a different night

Shawn Michaels is one of the main protagonists of the behind-the-scenes work at NXT, along with his now inseparable friend Triple H.

The former wrestler also commented on the transition from Wednesday evening to Tuesday evening which thus puts an end to the usual Wednesday war. Here are his words about it: "It's always easier when you make these changes but I think it won't change much for us, our goal is to put on the best possible show.

Obviously, when you're no longer competing with another show it's better and easier, it allows people to enjoy it. Also, this will be done the night after Monday Night Raw, it's a change that wouldn't hurt if it happens."

In fact, it is clear that the eventual shift of WWE NXT schedule to Tuesday evening would favor the ratings with the show that will not air together with AEW Dynamite. HBK is one of the major players behind the scenes of the Black and Gold brand, along with his former partner Triple H.

As long as NXT keeps delivering top-quality matches and giving rise to popular stars, Shawn Michaels will be staying put. WWE NXT will reportedly be moving to Tuesday nights, putting an end to the Wednesday Night War. Shawn Michaels commented on the report, stating that the move won't change anything for NXT: “It’s always clearly easier when your sort of destination programming, so to speak.

Nothing would change certainly for us. We still try to put the best show out there that we can. Clearly, I know that’s everybody’s goal. I think it would only be fair to say everyone knows that when you are not competing against another similar show that it makes it a little bit easier.

It allows people to enjoy that. And then you think about the following from Raw the next night. So, clearly, it certainly wouldn’t hurt”.