WWE writing team upset after recent changes

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WWE writing team upset after recent changes

In recent weeks, WWE has confirmed that several new faces have been hired by the company for different roles, such as the new class arrived at NXT, which has over 15 new Superstars of the future, who have already started training in the Performance rings.

Center of Orlando, after entering the hiring class for the third roster of the largest company in the history of the Stamford-based company. In addition to the wrestlers, the WWE would have also hired several other insiders, such as the new face of the backstage interviews on the main roster, Kevin Patrick, already seen grappling with a backstage interview on Night Raw with AJ Styles Monday, in the last episode of the red Monday night show.

WWE writing team upset after recent changes

Apparently, a bonus was promised to the WWE creative team in recent months, which workers should have taken earlier this year, but that income was eventually canceled due to the company's lack of funds, given the recent problems due to the pandemic, which have restricted enough the economic capacity of the number 1 company in the world of pro-wrestling.

Despite the great economic strength of WWE it would seem to have almost doubled in recent years, thanks to the agreements with which it came to sign with big television channels such as USA Network and FOX, which bring something like over a billion dollars of rights into the coffers of the McMahon for the next 3-4 years, Vince and associates would have decided to turn off the taps, sending workers left without bonuses on a rampage.

As reported by the well-known Wrestling Observer site, in fact: "What we do know is that several of the WWE writers were very bitter because the company told them (to people in different positions) that there was no money for the promised bonuses and raises and eventually hired different new staff."

Apparently, several of the employees of the WWE creative team, would not even get to take a full salary during the month, instead having to wait for the end of the two-month or even the quarter. After all the hires arrived in recent weeks, several of them would have expressed all their disappointment, showing a certain bitterness also towards the management.

It took some convincing to get Vince to change his mind. Although McMahon no longer competes in the ring, he still holds the record as the oldest WWE Champion and ECW World Champion in history. Vince McMahon is a controversial figure for apparently being a tyrant, but many stories from wrestlers shed light on the kind of person that he really is - a caring human being and a reputable businessman.

He has given many stars a platform to shine, and shares a special friendship with many wrestlers like The Undertaker and John Cena.