Edge to wrestle on SmackDown next week for the first time in...

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Edge to wrestle on SmackDown next week for the first time in...

In the night that has passed for a few hours, the WWE has as usual aired its weekly episode of Friday Night SmackDown, which once again saw the protagonists of the Universal Champion of the company, Roman Reigns, its challenger for Fastlane, Daniel Bryan, but also Roman's cousin Jey Uso and the WWE Hall of Famer Edge.

In the final phase of the show, in fact, the four had a face-to-face which did not last long, with the four wrestlers who ended up giving them a hard time in the ring of the blue show, so as to carry on the important storyline that currently sees them involved.

Initially, the main event should have ended simply with a signing of the contract of the Fastlane match between Bryan and Reigns, but obviously, it was not, as is very often the case on WWE televisions when it comes to signing a contract for a titled dispute.

The latest news on Edge

Immediately after signing the contract for the Fastlane match, Jey Uso proposed himself as a special enforcer for his eldest cousin's match, with Edge, however, who did not agree with the words of Jimmy's twin and therefore rushed to the ring to challenge Jey to a particular match in the next episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Microphone in hand, the Rated R Superstar has in fact requested a match against Jey Uso in the next episode of the blue show, with the winner going to be the famous special enforcer in the match between Reigns and Bryan in Fastlane.

Of course, needless to say, Adam Pearce immediately made the contest official for next week, sparking a mega brawl in the center of the ring, with Jey Uso, Daniel Bryan, Edge and Roman Reigns all starting to hit each other.

other, until it was also the turn of the former American Dragon to hit Edge, with his Knee Plus, leaving him to the mat. The storyline that will lead to the match for the Universal title of Wrestlemania 37, with the possible entry of Daniel Bryan, even after Fastlane, which begins to be more and more concrete, does not end to get tangled.

WWE has established the fact that even after being babyfaces, there are tensions between Edge and Daniel Bryan. It is unlikely that Edge will lose next week's match on SmackDown against Jey Uso. The WWE Hall of Famer as the special enforcer for the Universal Championship match at WWE Fastlane 2021 could make things a lot interesting.

At the same time, 'The Head of the Table' Roman Reigns could take extreme measures to ensure that Edge does not become the special enforcer for the match at WWE Fastlane. We might see a temporary alliance between Edge and Daniel Bryan next week but ultimately, both of them want to win the Universal Championship.