*Spoiler*Apollo Crews and Big E's feud on SmackDown?

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*Spoiler*Apollo Crews and Big E's feud on SmackDown?

During the episode of Friday Night SmackDown that aired this week, WWE seems to have begun to lay the foundations on what will be one of the many long feuds that will take place from now on to Wrestlemania, or even after the show of the shows, with Big E who will be another great protagonist of the Smackdown TV screens in the near future.

After returning to the televisions of the blue show, after the brutal attack received at the hands of Apollo Crews, Big E played a very heartfelt promo during the episode aired tonight, with the WWE Intercontinental Champion in fact warned his opponent, saying that he will literally deflate him, as soon as he gets his hands on him and that he will also demolish his house, to destroy him in every way.

After seeing a really angry Big E, however, it was not his archenemy who entered the scene, but King Corbin and Sami Zayn, both of whom responded to the open challenge that the Smackdown secondary champion had launched just a few seconds before.

Apollo Crews and Big E's feud on SmackDown

Having arrived in the ring first, Sami Zayn thus received the opportunity to fight in a titled contest against Big E, with the massive SmackDown backing champion quickly closing practice Zayn, winning his match.

To arrive in a hurry to attack the champion, however, the contest obviously came to an end, even Apollo Crews, who attacked Big E from behind and in the end also raged on the shoulder of the champion with the steel steps, which he had already used it a few days ago to KO Big E, in a frightening attack that had seen WWE Universe fans be truly shocked at the nastiness Apollo used.

Even this feud, like many others of the WWE that have not yet reached an official match for the Showcase of the Immortals, seems to have lead to a dispute that could soon be added to the Wrestlemania 37 card, with the title up for grabs.

will raise the stakes, in one of the most anticipated matches on the blue side of Smackdown, between Apollo and Big E. Big E defended the Intercontinental title successfully against Sami Zayn on SmackDown this week. While Zayn expected the Intercontinental title win to be the "perfect" ending to his documentary, he didn't get what he wanted.

Post-match, Apollo Crews snuck from behind and assaulted Big E again, standing tall over the steel steps. It was a huge statement made, and we could argue that it's the best and most consistent feud on SmackDown right now.