WWE made a decision on Andrade's release request

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WWE made a decision on Andrade's release request

In the last few hours, the situation around the former WWE US Champion Andrade, who according to numerous online sources, would have asked the management of the Stamford-based company to be released, because he is dissatisfied with his on-screen management and above all for the failure I have been using his character for more than a few months now.

In fact, in recent weeks, Andadre like many other athletes, such as Bo Dallas or Murphy, have remained in the backstage of the company with their hands in hand, without having any kind of involvement in the WWE storylines and without even being mentioned on-screen, to start some new projects with the company.

Obviously, this treatment would have plunged these guys into a situation that was certainly not easy, with Andrade who was in fact resolute in asking for his release from the McMahons, with the intention of going elsewhere to seek his fortune, given that by now in WWE they seem wanting to do without him.

What's next for Andrade?

Apparently, as a further update on the situation, it would appear that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon would have firmly refused to grant the release to Charlotte Flair's life partner, still holding him tight to his contract with the company for the time being.

In the last few hours, the important overseas website F4WOnline has reported this update, which also confirmed the news of Andrade's request for the release, together with other newspapers, such as Ringside News and Wrestling Inc.

Apparently, the Chairman's idea is to now hold on to as many athletes as possible, in order not to reinforce the roster of rival companies even more, given the latest arrivals of Big Show and Christian in that of the AEW, which have sent Vince McMahon and the rest of the company on a rampage.

After finishing the storyline with Angel Garza, for Andrade there has been nothing left in the WWE rings, so it is also quite natural that the athlete begins to point out all his disappointment and his bitterness in not being used as a talent.

important what is the Mexican boy of the federation. WWE sources who were aware of the situation had already foreseen Andrade's decision to leave the company. It was added that the Mexican Superstar wasn't involved in any outbursts or confrontations.

However, the former NXT Champion was a visibly unhappy man backstage. Fightful's report stated that Andrade wasn't expected to be granted his release, and based on the latest update from Dave Meltzer, that's exactly what has happened behind the scenes.