Brock Lesnar was unhappy about getting $250,000 for...

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Brock Lesnar was unhappy about getting $250,000 for...

Brock Lesnar is definitely one of WWE's top wrestlers and has been instrumental in Vince McMahon's company over the past two decades. Even today, despite the fact that the wrestler is currently a Free Agent, several anecdotes appear about his experience in the company of Vince McMahon.

In addition to this, the WWE Universe has long dreamed of its return to the scene and everyone hopes that sooner or later the parties can return to cross their paths. Already in the past, WWE and Brock Lesnar remained distant for some time: it was 2004 and immediately after Wrestlemania 20 there was a violent quarrel between The Beast Incarnate and the company with the wrestler who decided to leave the scene.

Only years later Brock Lesnar returned, exactly in 2012, and continued to make WWE history.

Jim Ross on WWE's reaction to Brock Lesnar hanging up on him

During the Grilling JR Podcast on Jim Ross revealed that Brock Lesnar did not appreciate the honorarium for the match against Bill Goldberg which was played in 2004.

The two athletes received $ 250,000 each, WWE thought they had given the wrestler a big budget but in reality, Jim Ross revealed that Lesnar thought he had been screwed. Here are his words: "Vince thought we were treating Brock Lesnar really well, he was making a lot of money and decided to give him $ 250,000 for that challenge, Goldberg also got the same treatment.

I remember I was sitting in my office, at that time taking care of relations with wrestlers and an assistant of mine contacted me to tell me that on the phone it was Brock Lesnar. He said, 'I think you fooled me' I said to him, 'What did you base this on, did you do a finance study for this show or something? Did you not like something? Tell me about it.

He hung up the phone in my face." Shortly after this discussion Brock left the WWE, his malaise became evident and in the end, he decided to leave the company, the company where he only returned in 2012. At the time, Ross was WWE's head of talent relations, so he had the unforgiving job of dealing with a furious Brock Lesnar, who was dissatisfied with his WrestleMania payoff.

All that Jim Ross wanted was a valid argument that justified Brock Lesnar's claims about the WWE supposedly screwing him over. Ross made it clear to Lesnar that WWE was not messing around with him regarding the payment, but the Beast Incarnate responded by hanging up on him. Ross stated that WWE officials were stunned that the situation had gotten so bad.