Big Show reveals one of the problems in WWE currently

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Big Show reveals one of the problems in WWE currently

On February 24, Big Show signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling, where in addition to fighting with his real name (Paul Wight), he was designated as a member of the commentary team of AEW Dark: Elevation (scheduled from 15 March 2021 on the federation's YouTube channel).

Very few imagined that the Aiken giant would leave WWE to join a rival company, but in recent years we have had confirmation that nothing is impossible in this business. Wight is a seven-time world champion, having also taken part in the WrestleMania main event in 2000.

In a recent interview with Renee Paquette, the former heavyweight champion analyzed the difficulties WWE has been experiencing in the recent period.

Big Show aka Paul Wight on his future in pro wrestling

“I don't care if what I say will make some people angry or not, I will say it anyway.

There is a need for external competition, you cannot manage the entire business alone. Another branding was needed so that WWE itself could embark on a path of renewal. I think this was the main problem when WWE was the only dominant brand.

Sure, WWE could count on many talents to develop, but they had trouble maximizing all that potential,” explained Big Show. The latter has had to deal with many injuries in recent years, which prompted WWE to shelve plans affecting him.

“They gave me a very clear speech five years ago, I was really disappointed. I was called to the office and was told that I would never attend a WrestleMania main event or any other pay-per-view event again. I was told in my face.

It wasn't Vince McMahon himself, but we know full well that all decisions come from him. I joked: 'When I smoked two packs of cigarettes a day and weighed 500 pounds, I was a world champion, now that I have abs I can hardly find a worthy match," he commented.

Renee Paquette said that once talent is out of the loop in WWE, they would have to constantly contact people in the company to get opportunities. Paul Wight said that it is especially bad when WWE thinks that they're doing a Superstar a favor by putting them on television, which happened to him.

Wight, in the same interview, said that he could have stayed in WWE and become a Hall of Famer, but stated that he isn't done with pro wrestling yet and that he has a lot to offer. Big Show said that he doesn't care about titles or the matches that he had in the ring, as he only thinks about today and the future, and not the past.