WWE superstars troll AEW Revolution explosion finish

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WWE superstars troll AEW Revolution explosion finish

Several days have passed since Revolution aired, but the embarrassing image of the PPV finale continues to be debated. Many were curious whether WWE would somehow target AEW for what happened, and they did. Last night's episode of Raw ended in fact with a Randy Orton again taking possession of the center of the ring while Alexa Bliss set the ring posts on fire.

The WWE on BT Sport Twitter account commented: "This was one of the biggest explosions we've ever seen." A very clear reference to the weak explosion with which the match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley ended and that Tony Khan decided to justify in a storyline key by placing the blame on the Canadian.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of hype surrounding the Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match and fans will long remember only the final botch. Instead of witnessing a great explosion worthy of the stipulation made famous in Japan, fans have witnessed a poor fireworks display, expressing their disappointment live and on social networks.

NXT star Shotzi Blackheart and Retribution's T-Bar also covertly made fun of what happened.

WWE superstars troll AEW Revolution explosion finish

Both companies (AEW and WWE) have been teasing each other for months now.

Sami Zayn even mentioned it explicitly in an episode of Raw, granting it free advertising and forcing WWE to cancel the electric chair segment. Apparently, the former Intercontinental Champion had gone off script and decided to make this risky move to make everything unpredictable.

CM Punk does not seem to agree on the constant bickering, who, in past interviews, has advised AEW to focus on its product and stop talking about WWE all the time. Finally, we remind you that the phantom war of ratings between NXT and Dynamite should officially end if the yellow show is moved to Tuesday evening.

At the moment there is no confirmation yet, but this should be the idea. Christian Cage looked calm, cool, and collected when he appeared at Revolution to sign his AEW contract. But in reality, he was nervous. On this week's edition of Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, she had Christian Cage on as a guest the day following his AEW debut to talk about a variety of topics.

When the subject of his debut came up, he had no problem telling Paquette that he was nervous. "Let me be honest with you. So, when I did the Royal Rumble, like, what a month ago at this point. I was not nervous at all, and I hadn't wrestled in seven years. When I walked out of that trailer to go out last night, I was nervous."