Batista shows off new tattoo

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Batista shows off new tattoo

One of the characters most missing from a very large slice of the WWE Universe is definitely the former world champion of the federation, Batista, seen for years both on the rings of Monday Night Raw and on those of Friday Night Smackdown, where he went to put staged the most beautiful feuds with the most historic wrestlers of the WWE, such as The Undertaker, Triple H or John Cena.

After a long career starting from OVW, The Animal has also managed to break into Hollywood, with the character of Drax "the Destroyer", from the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy saga, which seems to have been sewn on him.

In recent years, moreover, Batista would have decided to give us a break with wrestling, with the last match of Wrestlemania 35 against the eternal friend / enemy Triple H, in a contest without disqualification, which was in fact the last meeting.

of The Animal on a ring of the McMahon company.

Batista retired from pro-wrestling at WrestleMania 35

In the past few hours, the former WWE wrestler wanted to make known to his fans the latest project to which he subjected his body, that is a long session with the tattoo artist, in which the face of Medusa was imprinted on his abdomen, important mythological character with snakes instead of hair.

With this short caption, Batista showed fans his new tattoo on his Instagram profile, saying: "There is a new woman in my life. #Medusa." After having tattooed several other images on his arms, back and part of his chest, Batista also adds the face of the woman from Greek mythology on his body, so as not to miss anything.

After the last session with the tattoo artist, fans have nevertheless noticed how Batista's physique and body have changed enormously over the years, with the massive physique of WWE World Champion Batista having decreased in volume by quite a lot (probably also due to inactivity in the rings) and how the number of tattoos has instead significantly increased after the departure from the Stamford-based company.

Batista made his way to WWE's main roster in the spring of 2002. Other notable names that came up around the same time were Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Orton, and Shelton Benjamin. The Animal would go on to join Evolution and turned into one of the biggest babyfaces in the company by 2005.

Batista won the World title for the first time in the main event of WrestleMania 21, by defeating his mentor, Triple H. The Animal left WWE in 2010 and came back four years later for a short run that led to a Royal Rumble win and a WrestleMania XXX main event spot.