John Cena Sr. believes WWE should have fired Sasha Banks

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John Cena Sr. believes WWE should have fired Sasha Banks

In the recent past of Friday Night Smackdown champion, Sasha Banks, there was a fairly uncertain period in which the blue show champion didn't know if she would return to fight in the WWE rings or if she would leave the company, to recover from one.

quite confused psychological state, which had led her to abandon the McMahon federation immediately after Wrestlemania 35, For a period that lasted several weeks, in fact, Sasha was no longer seen in the rings or on the McMahon TV screens, causing concern and not a little his fans, who read all kinds on the internet about the relationship that was slowly wearing out between the Chairman of the company and the athlete with purple hair, then turned blue.

In his latest interview with Boston Wrestling MWF's Dan Mirade, the father of the well-known WWE multi-champion, John Cena, the namesake John Cena Sr., wanted to shoot zero on the behavior that led Sasha Banks to move away from WWE several months ago, with the father of the Leader of the Chain Gang stating: "If she refused to do her job (lose a match) or refused to do any other job, saying 'I'm leaving', the great Vince McMahon would have to say, 'No, it's not you leaving, because you're fired.'

You know what, let me put it this way. Vince is a very smart man, he hasn't gotten to where he is now being a fool. To give her what he gave her, that extension of time (additional off-screen time of over 30 days from the deal), he says a lot about how well that man can recognize talent in a performer."

John Cena Sr. on Sasha Banks

After a break of over a month, in fact, Sasha Banks has finally retraced her steps, returning to normally tread the WWE rings, with the Chairman who, after waiting calmly for her, managed to bring her back on the right path, then routing her to a great titled stint, which arrived after more than a year in the rings of the company's blue show.

Speaking to Boston Wrestling MWF’s Dan Mirade, John Cena Sr. highlighted his concerns if the WrestleMania 37 match is booked that way. He fears Lashley could slip down the card and become just another Superstar on the roster if he moves away from the WWE Championship picture: “If they did [book Drew McIntyre to win], Lashley would become a mid-carder.

If they pull the rug out from under him now at WrestleMania, he’s gonna go right down to mid-card, and then it’ll be bye-bye, Bobby. That’s the sad part about it. You take an athlete of that caliber, doing the job, and then bing, bing, bing. It just doesn’t make sense”.