Paul Heyman says WWE Superstar is ready to return after...

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Paul Heyman says WWE Superstar is ready to return after...

Despite not being a fighter Paul Heyman has historically been a very important character for WWE. Over the years we have known him as the Manager of Brock Lesnar, a real giant who has torn to pieces for some time anyone who had placed in his path.

In the last year, we have known a different Mad Genius, a changed attitude compared to the past but which has always seen him protagonist as an advisor to Roman Reigns, current WWE Universal Champion. Speaking on Talking Smack's microphones, the wrestler made an important statement.

Big E’s response to Paul Heyman on WWE Talking Smack

During the show that the manager hosts after Friday Night Smackdown, Paul Heyman revealed that Jimmy Uso is ready to return to SmackDown. While his brother Jey was first his rival and now, is an adept of Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso hasn't fought for a long time, particularly from the injury suffered in the Ladder Match against John Morrison and Kofi Kingston obtained at Wrestlemania 36.

Paul Heyman claimed that Jimmy Uso could help Big E kind of like his brother helps Roman Reigns. Here are his words about it and speaking to the Big E consultant: "Look at Jey Uso, he's not just a Main Eventer, he's not just the Tribal Chief's right-hand man but he's also a sort of secret agent for Roman, he'll often help him, even for the Wrestlemania 37 Main Event I think he will.

If Big E wants to protect his title, he must remember that the Use services are always available and by now there won't be a single Uso." Roman Reigns received a fundamental contribution in his growth process from Paul Heyman and recently Jey Uso himself confirmed this in an interview: "Roman Reigns has always been an extremely dominant force in WWE.

However, since he joined Paul Heyman, we can safely say that he has added a particular new side to his persona of him. He now he does not hesitate to take the most subtle way to win and this makes him unbeatable now."

Paul Heyman did not require an immediate reply from Big E. Instead, he asked the eight-time WWE Tag Team Champion to take his offer under consideration in the weeks leading up to WrestleMania 37. Big E said he has learned a lot from Heyman on how WWE’s waters are usually shark-infested.

He added that he plans to remain WWE Intercontinental Champion for an entire year before defeating Roman Reigns in a Champion vs. Champion match at WrestleMania 38.