WWE planning to pre-tape Hall of Fame ceremony

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WWE planning to pre-tape Hall of Fame ceremony

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about Wrestlemania and its Wrestlemania Week, since we are now in the middle of the "road" that leads to the main event of the whole year of the Stamford-based company, with the Royal Rumble having in fact opened the doors, like every year to this great path, which this year will also have among the protagonists a winner of the real brawl really loved: Edge.

Last year, due to the outbreak of the global pandemic, WWE was forced to cancel all important events related to Wrestlemania Week, including Axxess, with which fans approached the world of Wrestlemania already several days before the event, the NXT TakeOver that usually airs the same weekend and the Hall of Fame ceremony, with big names from the company's past still awaiting their introduction into the Ark of Glory.

According to what was revealed in the well-known podcast of the Fightful site, WWE is said to have in mind to pre-record this year's Hall of Fame ceremony, which will air on April 6, both for safety reasons related to the pandemic and especially for timing issues, given that in recent years the protagonists who were included in the Ark talked much too much compared to what was their script, making the transmission go beyond even entire quarters of an hour.

Who are some of the legends entering the WWE Hall Of Fame this year?

The thing that still remains uncertain, however, is the public who will have this ceremony, given that the only tickets that WWE has put on sale are those for Wrestlemania and therefore fans will not be allowed to enter the building where the ceremony will take place except in purely virtual form.

We will see if the WWE will invite its wrestlers into the public, like every year and if the fan public will instead be part of the program as in the ThunderDome and then connected from home through the big screens that WWE carries around the USA for several months now.

Recall, however, that in addition to the class of 2020, of legends who will enter this year's ceremony in the Hall of Fame, for the moment the WWE has confirmed the only name of Molly Holly for the 2021 class of its Ark of Glory.

There are still plenty of slots to fill in the 2021 class and until they are, Molly Holly finds herself surrounded by a plethora of former world champions. Despite the announcement of their inductions being made back in 2019, these inductees have had to wait almost a year to attend their ceremony. Who do you think should join Molly Holly as a member of the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame class?