Jeff Hardy wants to be a world champion again in WWE

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Jeff Hardy wants to be a world champion again in WWE

One of the most admired wrestlers in WWE history, who for a long time no longer worked on Stamford's company televisions, moving to other major stages such as TNA or the Ring Of Honor, is the youngest of the brothers, Jeff Hardy.

After going through some really tough years, with the influence of drugs and alcohol being a tough nut to crack for Jeff, the "extreme guy" seems to have put his life of excesses and raids aside by now, with the return to WWE which seems to have benefited the former WWE Champion, after a stint in TNA halfway between good luck and bad luck.

It is now sadly well known, in fact, the main event of Victory Road 2011 of the then TNA, when a Jeff Hardy completely under the effect of some psychotropic substance, entered the ring together with Sting, in a psycho-physical condition absolutely unsuitable for a fight, which made him look foolish worldwide that fans still remember well.

Jeff Hardy recently competed for the WWE Championship

In his latest interview with ESPN, WWE multi-tag team champion Jeff Hardy, as well as the former world champion of the McMahon-owned company, wanted to go back to talking about a stint as a WWE champion, or even a Universal Champion, saying: "I have already said that I would have liked to win the Royal Rumble but it will probably never happen, I think the thing I would like most, however, is to be world champion again or maybe even Universal Champion.

Just for a while Although - I still remember as a flashback when CM Punk walked in with his briefcase, I was champion for I don't know, probably a minute and he cashed out his Money in the Bank right away, so I'd like to go back to it, at least one 'another time, but this time with a kingdom of value."

After a fairly subdued last stint, Matt Hardy's younger brother believes there may still be a great world champion reign in his future, as long as WWE and his management agree with him. Last month, Shane McMahon announced that the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship would feature Drew McIntyre defending the WWE Championship against five other former WWE Champions.

Adam Pearce then named McIntyre's opponents, including Jeff Hardy, despite the fact that the Charismatic Enigma has struggled to pick up wins on WWE RAW. While Hardy delivered some remarkable spots, didn't seem like a genuine threat to McIntyre's reign in the Elimination Chamber Match.