Top superstar wants to face Roman Reigns for Universal title

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Top superstar wants to face Roman Reigns for Universal title

One of the most loved and hated characters at the same time in the last few years of WWE is undoubtedly the current Universal Champion of the federation, Roman Reigns, who after returning by surprise in last year's edition of Summerslam, after months spent at home because of the fault of the problems related to the global pandemic, showed a side of his character never before seen in the rings of the McMahon-owned company.

After allying himself with Paul Heyman and with his younger cousin Jey Uso, the Universal champion of Smackdown has in fact begun his reign of terror, which from Payback has not yet ended, however, being challenged by Edge for this year's edition of the Showcase of the Immortals, thanks to the victory of the men's Royal Rumble earlier this year.

Apparently, however, Reigns would also have many other opponents who would be waiting to meet him face to face on a very important stage, as only that of Wrestlemania can be and Big E, current Intercontinental Smackdown champion, would seem to be just one of their.

Big E on Roman Reigns

In his latest interview with WhatCulture Wrestling, Big E said: "Yes, this is the goal. This is my goal, to get there in the middle, right at the top. I think Roman Reigns did a stellar job. 'Stellar' isn't even superlative enough to describe how much he managed to elevate himself, even though he was already at the top.

And I think his presentation, his promos and everything he does are really great to see. But yeah man, it would be... if I had to choose an opponent, it would certainly be him. I very much hope, next year, that he still has the title.

We'll see, a lot of things will still happen from now until that point, but yes, it could happen." After the start of a huge reign as a Smackdown Intercontinental champion, the expectations of Big E certainly do not stop, with his dreams that remain bigger than ever and that see him face in the future the true champion of the blue show of the McMahon-owned company, that Roman Reigns who thanks to an unexpected turn heel really managed to reach a level never reached over the years.

Roman Reigns has been ruling the SmackDown brand ever since he turned heel at the WWE SummerSlam 2020 event. He won the Universal title soon after returning to WWE TV, and has held the belt ever since. Roman Reigns will face WWE Hall of Famer Edge at WrestleMania 37, if he manages to topple Daniel Bryan at Fastlane 2021.

Similar to Roman Reigns, Big E is currently having a great run as the Intercontinental Champion on WWE SmackDown, and will be facing Apollo Crews at Fastlane. Many fans have been clamoring for WWE to give a major push to Big E for a while now.