Mustafa Ali says Retribution hasn't been given time for...

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Mustafa Ali says Retribution hasn't been given time for...

One of the stable that was born with the best of auspices in the rings of Monday Night Raw was the Retribution, a team born almost from nothing, after several members of the WWE rosters had united against the "power" of the federation and its management, because of the many months passed in total nothingness and that in the end they had also found a leader in the person of Mustafa Ali, who too entered a limbo quite difficult to bear.

In the first releases of the stable, no one knew what these athletes wanted, nor where this storyline would go, given that the groups of attackers attacked both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown indiscriminately.

After having signed the real members of the stable, who were nothing more than former NXT athletes, WWE also wanted to join a leader, who was precisely the lightweight athlete seen for months at 205 Live, Mustafa Ali.

Mustafa Ali on the future of Retribution

In his latest interview with TV Insider, the leader of Retribution tried to explain what is the main problem of his stable, which would be to be found in the lack of time available that the management leaves them on the Raw show.

Pressed on the timing issue, Mustafa Ali said: "We have done some things and everyone is aware of who he is in the group. But we haven't been able to explain who we really are. I haven't explained why I'm the leader and what kind of power I have over these people.

I'd like to do it. Fans remained steadfast in joining the dots, which I didn't want. It's a three-hour show. Carrying a backpack weighing one thousand kg does not mean going to work. We have to take our time. We are doing our best for what we are given."

Although the leader of Retribution spoke calmly and with respect, he still seems to have raised some accusations against the management of WWE, which he says would not give the team the right time to make known and better characterize their characters, in a storyline that remains incomplete.

Mustafa Ali defeated Matt Riddle on WWE RAW this week. He still apparently isn’t in the U.S. Title hunt. He wants to change that. Mustafa Ali took to Twitter and he vented some frustrations. He called out the fact that he beat the U.S.

Champion on RAW this week, but he’s still not the #1 contender. We’ll have to see what is in the cards for Mustafa Ali. He is still leading Retribution, and that angle could go anywhere at this point. A win over Riddle did seem to signify that WWE is positioning Ali in the U.S. Title chase, but they have yet to officially book a title match.