Why WWE didn't want Jeff Hardy to become world champion

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Why WWE didn't want Jeff Hardy to become world champion

Jeff Hardy's long career has been characterized by a mix of light and shadow. The current Raw superstar had to leave WWE way back in 2003 due to his drug addiction, which has limited him on numerous occasions and also jeopardized the credibility of the Stamford federation itself.

Thanks to his extraordinary talent in the ring, Cameron's 43-year-old has had countless satisfactions: in addition to being a three-time world champion, Jeff has become the ninth wrestler in history to have completed the 'Grand Slam' During his tenure at TNA, Hardy held the heavyweight title three times and the World Tag Team Championship twice with his brother Matt.

In the latest episode of his podcast, Hall of Famer Jim Ross recounted how WWE strongly believed in Jeff's potential, but his unreliability prevented him from fully expressing his tremendous abilities.

Jim Ross on Jeff Hardy rejecting WWE's offer

"Jeff Hardy was ready, there's nothing more to say.

There was not a single reason why Jeff Hardy shouldn't have become a great WWE champion or anything like that. It just wasn't reliable. How do you invest in a person you don't have full confidence in? Everyone was wondering if he could handle that pressure day after day.

Not everyone was convinced, indeed most believed that Hardy did not have that mental strength," revealed Jim Ross. “He never asked for help, otherwise we would have done it. He was more stubborn than you can imagine.

At that time, Jeff preferred to get high rather than come to work and show everyone his talent. I remember we talked about it many times with Vince McMahon. I am very happy that - over the years - he has faced his demons and that now he has come out of the tunnel caused by alcohol and drug abuse.

He cost him a good part of his career,” Ross commented. During his world title reigns, Jeff Hardy was immensely popular, and he was pushed as WWE's main babyface. But all three of these reigns were quite short, so fans never got the chance to see Hardy have a long run as the champion.

Hardy is currently 43 years old, and some fans might point to his age and his mid-card status as signs that his days as a main eventer are over. Still, anything can happen in WWE. Edge (47) is set to headline WrestleMania in the latest chapter of his comeback story, so while a title run for Hardy seems unlikely, crazier things have happened.