Rikishi reveals how wrestling saved his life

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Rikishi reveals how wrestling saved his life

Rikishi is a well-known and loved name for wrestling fans from all over the world, including in Italy given his presence at SmackDown in the boom years of the discipline in our country (so much so as to guarantee him some television appearances even in shows that had nothing to deal with WWE).

The one who is still in the orbit of the company today as the father of the Usos and uncle of Roman Reigns, however, has not always lived a peaceful existence. And he explained it bluntly in an interview with Chris Van Vliet.

In which he explained that at 17 he was involved in such a serious accident that for a few minutes his heart stopped beating. "Professional wrestling saved my life," began the current WWE Hall of Fame member. Who then went on to analyze a youth that was anything but serene: "In San Francisco, where we lived in the Bay area, I grew up in the Sunnydale swamps.

I'll be honest. I wasn't the best guy at following the rules." All this despite a family that is anything but absent or problematic: "My grandparents are church preachers. My mother was therefore the daughter of a preacher, and therefore we went to church all the time, but I was moving in the opposite direction.

It was. hard in the Bay, and I was in the wrong company."

Rikishi says his mother sent him to live with The Wild Samoans

Then the story of the dramatic accident that could even cost Rikishi his skin: "At 17 I was shot in a car shooting, and I almost lost my life.

For three minutes I was called dead. I woke up in an ambulance and all. what I could see was my mother's face. As they took me to the hospital, I could see my mother's face. I stayed in the hospital for two months, and when I got out, my mother decided that I would leave California and he sent to his brothers, Afa and Sika.

At that point I was 18 and I left home. " On that day and in those ways, Rikishi approached wrestling: "I came into the discipline, almost by coincidence. My mother felt it was time for me to leave the Bay area. I'm glad I did what she did.

, because I'm not sure if I would have recovered from being wounded in a shooting. I could have come back with those bad company. That's how it all started. The rest is history." Rikishi was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 after a long and successful career. He is currently preparing to train American rap star Bow Wow to become a pro wrestler.