WWE makes huge announcement about "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

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WWE makes huge announcement about "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
WWE makes huge announcement about "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

It's been years since his retirement, but "Stone Cold" Steve Austin continues to be one of WWE's most iconic figures to this day. For this reason, the Compagnia has decided to dedicate an entire week of programming to him starting on Monday.

The "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Week opened on March 16 with Austin 3:16 Day, a day designed to celebrate his legendary catchphrase, and with the twenty-fifth anniversary of his WWE debut. There will also be multiple documentaries and new episodes of the Broken Skull Sessions podcast.

Here is the complete schedule: "Meeting Stone Cold": On March 16, exclusively on the WWE Network, WWE superstars and legends remember their first meeting with Steve Austin. The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Booker T and many others will share the most unforgettable moments they have lived together with the Rattlesnake over the past 30 years.

"Birth of the Stunner": On March 19, on the Network and Peacock TV, fans will be able to learn about the origins of the historic finisher and how his legacy was collected by Kevin Owens.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin held 19 championships in his wrestling career

The Best of WWE: Best of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin: A collection of the biggest matches involving Texas Rattlesnake will be broadcast on Saturday, March 20, including those with The Rock, Bret Hart and The Undertaker.

Steve Austin's Broken Sull Sessions: On March 21st, the podcast in which Stone Cols first interviewed Randy Orton will be broadcast. An unfiltered chat in which the Hall of Famer will revisit the key moments of Orton's great career.

Austin recently admitted that he regretted his last career match, stating how he could be better, but reiterated that he has no intention of returning to the ring. In the past, he had repeatedly rumored of a fight with CM Punk, but the plans never materialized.

The two, however, recently teased each other on Twitter. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin has invited plenty of WWE Superstars on his Broken Skull Sessions show. He has a way of getting some great stories over a beer, and sometimes shots of liquor.

Randy Orton recently called BS on the fact that he hasn’t been interviewed yet. That is changing now. The Rattlesnake dropped a graphic on his Twitter account to reveal that The Viper did slither his way onto the Broken Skull Sessions set for a chat.

It’s unclear if Orton’s tweet at Austin came before the booking, but it might have all been work. Austin didn’t reveal exactly when this new special will drop. The Peacock logo was on the bottom of the poster, so it’s likely that fans will have to wait until they transition over onto the new streaming platform.

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