Jeff Hardy compares AEW to WWE

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Jeff Hardy compares AEW to WWE
Jeff Hardy compares AEW to WWE

One of the characters that for years thrilled many fans of different ages and nations was undoubtedly the younger brother of the Hardy Boyz, that Jeff Hardy who with his acrobatics and his flights has literally made young and old fall in love with the pro-wrestling, despite his innumerable problems with justice and with addictive substances.

After several arrests and several charges that Jeff still has to face in court, Matt Hardy's younger brother seems to have found his way back, continuing to work hard on Stamford-based company's TV screens, for the McMahon family, which was the architect of the great career that Jeff and Matt started in the late 90s in the rings of the then WWF.

Jeff Hardy recently talked about the differences between WWE and AEW, and the multi-time world champion said that AEW's shows are quite exciting to watch.

Jeff Hardy compares AEW to WWE

In his latest interview with ESPN, a rather "careless" Jeff Hardy indulged in comments that most likely will not suit the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon, given the thought of the owner of the company for which currently the youngest of the extreme brothers works.

After saying he wants to go back to being a world champion in the company he works for, Jeff also talked about AEW, the current federation in which his brother Matt is active, saying: "It's really cool. Matt is on AEW and before the pandemic hit us, their audience was really on fire.

It's so exciting to watch, they're really so different from WWE. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but I think they have a more open mind, WWE is only looking its way. This has led to several changes over the years, especially in the Attitude Era, it was truly a completely different thing.

Thank God, we don't hit each other with chairs on the head anymore, that thing scares me and then we don't travel that much anymore. It's all much safer now but on any occasion, you can get hurt all the same." Who knows how the WWE management will have reacted after hearing these words come out of the mouth of one of the most admired champions of its rosters, towards the number one rival company of the Stamford-based federation? Paul Wight (formerly known as The Big Show in WWE) signed with Tony Khan's promotion shortly before AEW Revolution.

Wight will serve as a commentator on the company's newest show, AEW Dark: Elevation. He's also expected to wrestle at some point. In his first appearance with AEW, Wight teased a "Hall of Fame" worthy acquisition for the company. During AEW Revolution, the notable acquisition turned out to be former WWE star, Christian Cage.

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