Mustafa Ali on becoming WWE United States Champion

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Mustafa Ali on becoming WWE United States Champion

Mustafa Ali has been a very examined athlete in recent months, both for his excellent skills in the ring, which he has shown since the first moments spent in the Stamford-based federation and above all for the new chapter of his career that has seen in command of the most discussed group at the moment: the Retribution.

Shortly before the establishment of this group, there had been many insistent rumors that there were no interesting plans for him. In a recent interview with TV Insider, Ali recounted one of his first meetings with Vince McMahon, in which the two discussed the athlete's microphone skills, which the Chairman seemed not to have fully met.

Mustafa Ali on becoming WWE United States Champion

During this interview, there were so many foods for thought but among all the one that recalls a particular scene spent with Vince McMahon. Here are Mustafa Ali's words: "I can tell you about my experience with Vince McMahon and the creative team, who from the very first meeting always ask you what you are capable of doing or showing them such qualities that you think you possess.

When I first told Vince I was pretty good at the microphone, he didn't seem to believe it. So I recorded my personal promos, to show others what I can do. It's easier to show things than to tell them, even if I'm pretty good at the latter."

Ali has had the opportunity to express his skills in the ring in recent months, acting various promos for the Retribution, helping not only his allies within the team but also himself, who thanks to this particular work has managed to demonstrate a strong personality, allowing him to be a more complete Superstar.

He revealed that even though he was both born and raised in the United States, there are times where he feels that some people don't look at him as an American. Ali believes that it would mean more to him than a lot of other people.

"It means more to me than it would to a lot of people. My name is Mustafa Ali. Yes, I’m an American. But I feel people don’t look at me as an American. When I go to the grocery store with my wife she wears a hijab scarf over her head, and I notice the glares she gets.

Pre-pandemic when we went out to dinner she would get the same looks. I’m always conscious that it doesn’t feel like home. Why do I feel like a visitor? I was born and raised here. I do love this country and what it can be.

Growing up [in Chicago], I didn’t have someone that looked like me that represented me as being American. I think it would be wild for a kid named Mohammed or Saʽid or a girl named Sara watching Raw seeing a guy named Mustafa Ali holding the United States Championship."