WWE Hall of Famer on the feud between Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero

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WWE Hall of Famer on the feud between Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero

One of the storylines that most remember WWE Universe fans of the early 2000s is certainly the one staged between the Olympic hero Kurt Angle and the people's champion, Eddie Guerrero, the late McMahon-owned federation's Hall of Famer, who died prematurely at the peak of his career due to a sudden health problem.

In fact, Eddie died of a heart attack that arrived in a surprisingly devastating and unexpected way, at the age of 40, leaving a void in the WWE roster and in the hearts of fans, which few other disappearances in the world of pro-wrestling have entailed.

Shortly before his death, Eddie had been the protagonist of a huge feud against one of his best friends outside the ring, Kurt Angle, with whom he also went to work in a famous Wrestlemania 20 match, where Eddie still had the title with him.

World Champion of WWE.

Jim Ross on Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero

In the last episode of his Grilling JR, the WWE Hall of Famer who now works on AEW televisions, Jim Ross, wanted to retrace some important stages of the feud between Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle, condemning the WWE's idea of ​​using past problems related to Eddie Guerrero's drug world via his in-ring foe, Kurt Angle.

To the microphones of his podcast, JR said: "I understand that heels use all these bad tricks. Wrestling villains have to do things like that for years and years, but, there were a variety of creative ways to overshadow the dubious character of Eddie that Kurt could use at the time.

Eventually, most of the things were discarded because people wouldn't otherwise understand the story behind it. Eventually, people would start saying, as they talked, 'What was he doing? What kind of drugs? When did this happen? What is going on?' I think we could have done a better job of selecting the type of language for that match because we were trying to make it personal.

We had to make it personal. Kurt should have said, 'Can you understand how embarrassing Eddie Guerrero has become for his family? Do you know that even his daughters are ashamed of him for having had bad habits for years? ' We went into too much detail and it got really bad.

I'm not blaming Kurt. Kurt just followed directions on where to go in his promo. In my opinion, we have chosen a really wrong path." WWE also used Eddie Guerrero’s death to draw heat in Randy Orton’s feud with Rey Mysterio.

This also drew a ton of controversy. Needless to say, WWE wasn’t afraid to use Eddie Guerrero’s personal life to gain an advantage in an angle, even after his passing.