Lance Storm believes wrestling doesn't have any more stars who...

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Lance Storm believes wrestling doesn't have any more stars who...
Lance Storm believes wrestling doesn't have any more stars who...

It is now an everyday thing, the one that sees the former WWE wrestlers of the past going to criticize the young people of today, those who are trying to tow on their shoulders the most important companies in the world of pro-wrestling, with these legends who instead do nothing but criticize and try to encourage these young people to do better, as perhaps only in their time they knew how to do.

The last to go into detail using one of the most loved pro-wrestling world champions, Kenny Omega, as an example, was the former secondary champion of the Stamford-based company, Lance Storm, a great friend of Chris Jericho and a historic Canadian wrestler who has now become one of the most influential coaches in all of America in the pro-wrestling world.

In his last speech to the microphones of the Figure Four Daily podcast, former WWE and ECW tag team champion and also winner of several WCW ring belts, Lance Storm, wanted to talk about the current AEW world champion and the situation in general in the world of pro-wrestling.

Lance Storm opens up about today’s pro wrestling industry

"There are people who are stars and when you have enough stars, then you can start telling something. But, the concept of having only one person who carries out the whole story doesn't work, especially nowadays, you can't sell such a thing...

for example him (Kenny Omega ed). He can't create everything on his own. He wasn't the change. On the Sunday night show he could have made a difference but he didn't. We had Sting's first big match in AEW. We had the huge announcement of the future Hall of Fame that he signed up for the company.

I don't want to discredit Kenny Omega or anyone else. It lacks star power. There are people who are perceived as great stars and have great value, but one individual cannot pull an entire TV show, get the ratings raised or sell tickets.

Not anymore. I would never buy. In no company a single person can do all this. If Chris Jericho were to leave AEW today, there wouldn't be a huge perceived difference in next Wednesday's ratings. But if they lose Cody, the Bucks and Kenny, then they will surely have some losses because they have lost a lot of star power," Storm said.

Apparently, the era of the various The Undertaker," Stone Cold "Steve Austin and John Cena is now over according to Lance Storm, who no longer sees a single wrestler towing an entire company, as happened for decades in WWE, with the various Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair who for years have contributed to increasing the fame of the federation all over the world.

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